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Celebration of The Arts
Events and Workshops
All Workshops and Activities held at New Kent High School
7365 Egypt Road
New Kent, Virginia 23124
March 31, 2012

10:00-10:15Welcome and Introduction- Auditorium

10:30-11:00Percussion Ensemble Performance
Instructor: James Minnix
The NKHS Percussion ensemble is a class that focuses on all aspects of playing many different percussion instruments.  We will be playing "" which showcases the following instruments:    Location:Auditorium

10:30-11:15Japanese Mask Making
Instructor:Megan Countiss
Come and explore the art of Japanese mask making. Participants will create their own mask using folded paper techniques.  Be sure to sign up for the Japanese Drumming workshop so that you can wear your mask while you drum!   

Location: Main Exhibition Area

10:30-11:15Raku Pottery
Instructor:Susan Musselman and High School Students One of the most exotic and visually exciting firing processes today. Glaze, fire and scrub your own Japanese style bowl then put it through the magic of fire, smoke, water and reduction to create your very own bowl. Leave with a stunning example of Japanese pottery to keep. Bisque fired bowls are provided. Location: 3-D Art Room

11:00-11:45Cake Decorating
Instructor:Ann Campbell
The Culinary Arts Students of New Kent High School will be conducting cake decorating workshops during the Celebration of the Arts this year. The participants will learn a few basic cake decorating techniques and will be able to decorate a cupcake, an Easter cookie, or one of the current big trends, a cake pop. Please call 966-9671 and speak with Mrs. Campbell to reserve your space for one of the workshops.

Location:Culinary Arts Room

Instructor: Nancy Post
Like Photography? Do you want to learn how to take a cameraless picture? Come in to the darkroom! Learn how you can use everyday objects to make a Photogram. What is a Photogram? It is an image produced without a camera by placing an object on photosensitive paper and exposing to light. In this workshop, you will be introduced to the black and white darkroom where you will print and develop your own picture. Location: Photography Classroom

Instructor: Sharon Whitman
Free programs you can download from the internet and use at home!  Learn to record, edit, make accompaniment tracks, customize by raising/lowering pitch of existing tracks, plus much more, all free!   Already know?  Come, be a part! Stay and perform your piece at 1:00.

Location:Distance Learning Lab

11:00-11:45Music Workshop
Instructor: Jana Martin, Reba Marrs, James Minnix We will explore the rhythmic text of the book "The Drums of Noto Hanto" by J. Alison James, and translate the rhythms and timbre to drums for an integrated performance.  All ages welcome & no previous experience needed

Location: Band Room.

12:00-12:30George Watkins Elementary School Choir Performance
Instructor: Jana Martin

Need your description

Instructor:Tori Kelsing and The Trojan Theatre

The Trojan Theatre will be presenting a workshop on Kabuki Theatre- the traditional dramatic performance style in Japan. Topics being covered will include stylistic technique, sound effects, and makeup application. Participants will have the opportunity to design and apply their own Kabuki-style makeup and learn several standard Kabuki body movements. Location:Drama Room

1:00-1:30Recording Performance
Instructor: Sharon Whitman
Need your description

1:00-1:45Sumi-e Painting
Instructor:Marty Acors and 8 th Grade Artist...
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