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Website Plan
cake shop

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This website plan is a blueprint for the website which includes background, goals, analysis of competitor websites and some other important issues in creating a website. The website is a cake shop called icake, the cake shop which offers purchase online, new advance preview, Member Services, Design cake yourself.

Background to the business and business goals

* Founded in 2005,our business is about innovating and creating distinctive flavors to satisfy your palate. * In recent years, we have opened several new stores, 20 varieties of cakes available to meet the needs of different consumer groups * Organizes promotional activities, participate in community public service, advertising on popular websites, to gain public recognition, and increase awareness to achieve the maximum business profit

Goals of the website, how these fit into goals of the business

The web is not just a marketing tool - it's a business tool as well. While it is perfectly okay to have an Internet billboard that simply contains contact information. Even the smallest local business can utilize the power of the Internet to be more efficient and to build revenue. * Build trust with prospects

* Grow the client base
* Strengthen customer loyalty
* Get the jump on competitors
* Develop and stay "Top of Mind"
* Extend your reach
* Diversify: add new streams of income
* Through the purchase online, We will delivered fresh and delicious cakes to your home or office, so people who busy with work or hold parties at home can be able to enjoy our cake * Advertising in the top website to let more people know

* Website membership application and coupons can attract more customers to shop

Analysis of competitor websites

strengths| weaknesses|
* Do not often update their websites * Payment complexPages load slowlyDo not attract customers to visit the websiteDo link with other websitesWithout Search engine| Can easy to find the products * Search engine is easy to use * The detailed about classification and description of goods|

Our websites should learn the benefits of competitors and avoid their weaknesses, while also make the content is easy to understand, search engine is easy to use, purchase online products, the operation is convenient and simple, update faster.

Target audience / market for website and use environments

* Suitable for people who works in office, students, housewife, companies and families parties * Age from 10 to 50
* Customer who likes the Internet
* Customer who likes stay at home, busy at work/study and do not like cooking

People can use their mobile visit website and booking. An incredible advantage of using cell phone internet is that customer can gain the freedom of being able to work anywhere, not just from the office or from home. As long as there is an internet facility, they can use their mobile to browse, download. The number of people accessing websites of their mobile phones is increasingly rapidly. They can be given a much better user experience by following these guidelines: 1.Reduce the amount of content 2.Single column layouts work best 3.Present that navigation differently 4.Minimise text entry 5.Decide whether you need more than 1 mobile site 6.Design for touchscreen and non-touchscreen users

User tasks-specific breakdown

* Set tasks that are essential to the new site's success, such as: Buying products
Paying bills
Contacting the client

* When online, people read very differently than when they're reading a book or magazine. On the Internet people try not to read until they feel they're found what they are...
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