Marketing Plan of Dairy Milk

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Calcium Junior

Fiscal Year 2012 Marketing Plan

Developed by

Dr. Mohammad Mujahidul Islam
NSU ID: 1130201090

Riad Bakht Chowdhury
NSU ID: 1130177590

Mohammad Salim Akhtar Khan
NSU ID: 113047090

Mohammad Saifuzzaman
NSU ID: 1130232090

Md. Mustafizur Rahman Khan
NSU ID: 1010827090

Developed December 25, 2011

Mediworld Pharma Limited

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
2.1 Attributes
2.2 Development
2.3 Regulatory Approval
2.4 Raw Material Procurement
2.5 Monograph
3. Situation Analysis
3.1 Customers
3.2 Competitors
3.3 Company
3.4 Context
4. Market Opportunities and Issues
4.1 Market Opportunities
4.2 Critical Issues
5. Objectives
5.1 Sales, Market Share, Prescription Share Objective
5.2 Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Net Present Value (NPV) 5.3 Growth Objective
5.4 Image Buildup
5.5 Share of Voice Leadership
6. Marketing Strategy
6.1 Doctors
6.2 Chemists
6.3 Field Forces
6.4 E-detailing
6.5 Blog and Web Service
6.6 Customer Care
6.7 Awareness Campaign
6.8 Kindergarten programs
6.9 Retail Shops and Mega Malls
7. Target Markets
8. Positioning and Campaign
9. Competitive Advantage
10. Marketing Mix
11. SWOT Analysis
12. Review and Control
13. Marketing Organization
14. Contingency Plan
15. Future Plan
17. Breakeven Analysis
18. Profit Loss Analysis
16. Summary
1. Executive Summary

Calcium deficiency is one of the most common and silent problem in Bangladesh. About 10.29% Bangladeshi people are affected with this disease, which is making them disable and as a result they are becoming burden to the society. The disease is high in 40 up patients, usually among women. This is a slow developing disease and takes years to develop. As acute symptoms are absent for a long time, people usually ignore this disease. But in this particular case prevention is better and easier than cure. Thus prevention should be started in early age, better to start in childhood. That is why we see better opportunity to create awareness among the people and sell the product to the mass level of people from childhood. This document outlines Mediworld Pharma Limited’s marketing plan for their new product Calcium Junior. This plan covers all aspects of launch period including market analysis, objectives, SWOT analysis, critical issues, strategies and tactics, monitoring and control.

2. Introduction

Calcium preparation is available in Bangladesh since 1999. But most of them are plain calcium in tablet form, especially for adults. But Calcium Junior is specially formulated for children in chewable form with palatable taste and flavor. We’ll launch the chewable tablets in child friendly bear shape so that the children feel attracted to take the tablets.

2.1 Attributes

The product attribute is as follows:

Brand name: Calcium Junior
Generic: Calcium carbonate
Dosage form: Chewable tablet
Indication: Calcium deficiency, Prevention of osteoporosis Strength: 600mg calcium carbonate equivalent to 250mg elemental calcium Primary packaging: Pharma grade plastic container
Secondary packaging: Carton of 300 GSM Swidish board with lamination Flavor: Banana
Taste: Sweet
Tablet shape: Bear shape (need to purchase die and punch for this customized shape) Pack size: 30 tablets per container

2.2 Development

The product is already developed in our R&D facility and product stability has been done and condition and the result were good.

2.3 Regulatory Approval

We have applied for regulatory approval in Drug...
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