Marketing Plan for Chocolate

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Marketing Plan
Gigels Magic Box
Taste of magic"

Company Summary:
In 1978 El Kowery family had established a company in Egypt named El SHAMADAN Co. For Food Industries S. A. E Business owned by: Mr.Taher EL-Kowery & brothers. Located in Dekheila, Alexandria, Egypt over 16000 sq. M, producing Wafers, Biscuits, and Chocolates. Overseas For food Products S. A. E is a sister company of El SHAMADAN for Food Industries located in 6th of October City, Cairo, Egypt covering an area of 28000 sq.M. It started its activities in October 1992 in the field of sugar & tea packing. In 1995, it added new lines for the production of Cakes. It is considered as one of the four biggest cake producing companies in Egypt & in the Middle East too his capital more than milliard EGP. Employees: Above 7500 employee.

Main markets: Africa, Middle East, Western Europe
Business Type: Manufacturer
Category: Food, Beverage-Other Food product
Service We Sell: Wafers, Biscuits, Chocolates and Cakes.

Product Summary:
There are a general increase in snacking, since consumers in Egypt are eating more confectionery as an emotional release from the worries and frustrations of the recent uprising, and the continuing frustrations of Egypt’s transition El Shamaadan will be reinventing itself by producing a kids chocolate which will be tagged as kid's healthy snack using a nonfat milk to be low in calories and non fat snack with the same quality taste of chocolate and smoothie chocolate feeling with each bite.

Gigles magic box goals and objectives:
- To be the best & quality brand in Egypt
- To meet the need and requirements of the consumers
- To capture the market share
- To be the leader in the healthy kid's chocolate
- Less price than competitor
- located in almost all market


Situation Analysis:
Product Category Definition
Chocolate is a product of the cacao bean, which you can find in fruit pods that grow on tropical cacao, it grows in Africa 70%, Ghana produce over 600.000 tons per year the type of beans grown, climate condition and the process of drying and fermenting the beans varies from country to country all this play an important role in creating a beans flavor characteristics

Gigels Magic Box :
Is a confection chocolate in box shape contain inside a toy, this toy will be for boys or girls "Mr. Gigels for boys and Mrs. Gigels for girl" The chocolate box comprising some or all of the following components: cocoa solids, sugar, skimmed milk coated with chocolate, and sized as a snack for one kids.and the toy will be a series to be collect by kids Product Category

he Middle East is one of the 10 largest confectionary markets in the world, according to a recent study by TNS Media Intelligence. The region's confectionary market, which has grown by 15 percent over the last three years, is currently valued at $113 billion. Statistics reveal that the Gulf is particularly fueling the boom, with Saudi Arabia and Qatar experiencing a growth in sales of around 24 percent in this sector. Chocolate and sweet sales have also steadily grown in Egypt, at a rate of 2.5 percent annually since 2001, with the market now valued at $382 million. Chocolate sales are particularly strong, with annual sales averaging $4.2 billion. Trixee Loh, senior vice president of Dubai World Trade Center, said, "The sweets and confectionery market in the region will continue to see positive growth. As a result we are seeing many brands investing to gain market share with many product innovations, new flavors, and packaging ideas."

Large multinational companies own the majority of market share but there are strong local players such as Ocean Foods, El Shamaadan and corona. Products from these companies are often perceived as less quality compared to European and American confectionery, but they compete effectively on price and benefit from local support. And the last five years their become competing in quality with good price,...
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