Marketing: Idea and New Product Development

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Chocoberry New Product
You Decide
Chocoberry Case Study
Idea Generation
1. What techniques will you propose to CB to generate ideas that can be developed into viable concepts? There are three types of idea generation that could help into developing a viable concept: * The evolutionary idea derives from somewhere else, taking something that already exists and improves on it. (1) * Symbiotic: method of idea creation when multiple ideas are combined, using different elements of each to make a whole. (1) * Computer-assisted discovery: uses a computer in order to widen possibilities of research and numeric possibilities. (1) 2. Of the many methods for ideation offered in contemporary literature, which represents the best for CB in this situation, and why? The first and most important will be the evolutionary idea because Chocoberry should market chocolate products with basic health claims for the United States’ retail consumer market. They already make the base and distribute it so it is a great idea to get into that market. After using the evolutionary method I would recommend using the computer-assisted discovery as a method of crowdsourcing that can give ideas that the customer need/wants. These products are being developed by the technical departments as bar goods, such as one ounce or larger molded slabs of chocolate in dark, milk, inclusion-containing (nuts, fruit, etc.) products. 3. Who might be selected to perform the ideation, and why? Why might you not select certain groups to perform the ideation? To perform the ideation all group should be together to brainstorm and concept screening. In the Chocoberry Company, the new product development team and the manufacturing team must be together. They can brainstorm and get a concept, then present the ideas to the CEO. In this case, both teams know that the target group is adults who wish to indulge in chocolate, but who have been concerned with the health aspects. This group will be fit to its...
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