Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan
Company Analysis
Our company's name is "...sweet smell..." that was found in 1997. It is based on self- care and cosmetics products. Our objective is to reach large-scaled customer population around the Earth. We have many suppliers in USA, France , Russia and Turkey. Now, there are 17 commercially available product in market that belongs to ....... . A new product of the company is a perfume that has fascinating characteristics and a unique chemical structure. We will put on sale the product following days. The major competitors of ours are "Hugo Boss", "Burberry" , but we expect that our product has more advantageous than our competitor's products because it has a qualification that they have not . Marketing Analysis

Hugo Boss and Burberry companies are spread around the world but they are not powerful all countries of the World. For example, whereas the Hugo Boss has high level of market share in Europe, , they are not powerful enough in Far East countries. Also, the Burberry, British Company, has great power in China and Japan, but they have some drawbacks in Europe. Most of the companies in sector could not draw attention of people. Although, our market company is centered Europe too, we are more powerful globally than our competitors because our products could attract all people that live different areas in the World and people looks our product as suitable for their characteristics and life style. Product

A perfume affects people's attitudes and makes someone feeling good. Because of their chemical structures, people can be impressed by the perfume's smelling. We inspired of that qualification of a perfume and designed a unique product. Our perfume can smell everything! It depends on the person that smells the perfume. The emotions are the source of the smell of our perfume. That's why we called the perfume as..."..rush of sensations .." . (sensations lı bir şey olabilir.) Perfume is a sweet-smelling...
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