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* Peter England, the hallmark of honesty, started off with shirts and now comprises of the entire men's wardrobe containing the full range of garments.

* Popular for lifestyle brands.

* Launched in March-April 1997 in India.

* The largest selling shirt brand in the country.

* Owned by Madura Garments in India with a retail value of 130 crores

* Became a 1 million brand in 2 years.

Marketing objective

* To build Peter England into the largest selling brand in India.

* To establish Peter England as an international quality brand at an affordable price.

* To create a quick and universal awareness of the brand’s USP of quality and price.

* To build strong brand preference and sustain brand loyalty through attractive imagery and constantly reiterate the product’s pluses

Marketing Mix

Peter England follows the 4 P’s of the marketing mix:
Product architecture –
The range comprises regular office wear, special occasion wear and casual wear. Pricing –
Price grid integrity is maintained by ensuring that 65 per cent of the brand offering is below MRP 500 through 'Core' range. Promotion –
Bold usage of vernacular media, Press and TV media, Print media, right brand associations through sponsorships. Place/Distribution –
162 exclusive outlets across 69 towns, distribution through monthly advance ordering to customizing to the retailer needs in terms of the design-size-style preference

* Customer Value and Satisfaction

* Ensured the consumer's need for 'product plus brand imagery'.

* Delivery of consistent good quality was ensured.

* Contemporary designs, colors and fabrics were used.

* Wide distribution ensured easily availability

* Well-orchestrated merchandising drove guaranteed market visibility.

* Tied up as 'Just honest-to-goodness quality. Available at an honest-to-goodness price'.

* Thus emerged the brand line: “Peter England -The honest shirt”.

* The brand’s communication has moved from telling

* The brand’s communication has moved from telling the consumer to “what the brand is” to “what the brand does”.

* The launch of suits has re-energized it and now it is “Peter England-Honestly Impressive”.


Market Segmentation:
* While venturing into “The Ready to wear garment” sector, it identified the shirt segment as its focal entry point.

* Since then it has identified further segments namely trousers and suits with further sub-segmentation in each segment. (Niche Marketing)
* Catering to Executives through Formals
* Casual Wear through Elements Via
* The Anti Wrinkle Collection
* The Solids Collection
* The Festival Collection
* The English Cottons Collections
* The summer Mints collection

Segmentation Procedure:
* It identified Customer’s need for Brand + Product Imagery. * Used the Demographics and lifestyles to enter the mid price segment.(Rs 250-500) in both Formal and Casual( Elements) * Test launch in diverse Geographies.(Like Suits & Blazers) * Huge Potential and Good Growth rates in the mid price segment. * Value proposition of Quality Via the imported fabric + Affordable Price * Value proposition of Quality Via the imported fabric + Affordable Price EVENTUALLY

* Targeted Multiple Markets
* Ventured into Trousers in 2000, Suits in November 2004 & Innerwear in April 2005. Basis for Segmentation:

* Mid Price segment concentration.
* Entry into Premium segment.
* Followed the Selective Specialization Strategy through:
Shirts, Suits, Inner wares & Accessories.
* Peter England brand has been positioned for the masses and is in the mid-price category. It offers value for consumers at affordable price. * It is distinctly positioned for different...
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