Nike Marketing Plan

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Nike marketing plan
Nike is the most renowned supplier of athletic shoes and apparels. The brand can be found everywhere, examples of its major target areas are: USA, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas. The business has obtained a huge position in the market of these places thanks to the innovative and attractive design, quality production of the product and wise marketing strategies. Regarding the latter, we can focus on the 4 Ps of the marketing mix:

1. Product:

Thanks to the large number of researches, Nike offers a wide range of athletic footwear designed for sports and also for every day usage. But the company now produces other equipment specialized for sport activities such as sport balls and eyewear. The products meet all requirement of all type of customers (old, young, man, women). The production facilities are very close to the raw material to have low labor prices.

2. Price:

The company has designed its pricing structure in a way to be competitive with other shoe sellers like Converse and Adidas.
The prices of the products are variable depending on the season (especially spring apparel), type and size (for example a good pair of shoes would cost from 70 to 150 dollars).
Nike offers good quality products at low prices; in fact this was one of its first goals: when the company was born its aim was to break German domination in sports shoe industry.

3. Placement:

Nike has its individual stores and it is also sold in malls and department stores. They have more than 20,000 retailers in USA and some more in other 200 countries; in fact Nike’s mission is to make its product available all over the world. In every country there are not only sellers, but production units and customers services.

4. Promotion:

The company has used mass media (such as TV, Internet, newspapers and magazines) to promote their brand.
Many well-known athletes have worked for the advertisement (for example...
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