Marketing Online Visual Consultant

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Marketing Online Business Consultant


A challenging opportunity has been presented to work as a Marketing Online Image Consultant for Google Corporation. Google Corporation is looking to expand their products to home-based users. The objective is to promote the array of tools they currently employ for businesses and extended to personal users that utilize social engines such as Facebook, Skype or Instant Messaging to communicate with loved ones across the country. One of the biggest responsibilities is to be a successful online image consultant as the job expectations is to deploy the good image of Google products in a persuasive way. Through this venture, the deliverables of the job function will leverage the emerging technological concepts of wikis, podcasts, instant messaging, blogs, and virtual sites to get the product across.

Marketing Online Image Consultant

From a strategic perspective, I will plan, direct, or coordinate activities designed to create a favorable public image and raise awareness of the new Google for Home products. It's not what the company is about, it's what consumers know about the company.  The Internet, while great for providing instant access to information, also creates a loss of personal interaction; therefore, the first goal is to ensure the online image of Google for Home has instant impact. In order to achieve this, a wiki will be created to educate visitors of the Google for Home products. As stated in chapter 8, “wiki is a web application that enables users to add to and edit content of the Web pages.” (Oz, 2009). The purpose of this process will be to briefly describe the new product offerings and allow current users to edit the content based on their experience. Simply put, in a virtual environment, the information is what you write about the company. Perception is reality, and that's how decisions are being made. The...
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