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Marketing Management|
Deanne Dharmai|


1. Executive Summary3

2. Introduction4

3. Marketing Mix5

4. Ansoff Matrix8

5. BCG Matrix12

6. STP13

7. Promotion Strategies14

8. Conclusion16

9. Reference17


Nivea as is a leading skin care brand in the world. This report is based on how Nivea uses the various marketing strategies to improve their sales, create a brand name and promote their products. Its starts with a brief introduction of what Nivea is. It further goes on to give the history of Nivea, and how Nivea has evolved ever since. The report further goes on to explain how Nivea uses the four P’s of marketing that is product, price, place and promotion by giving the example of Nivea Visage Young range of products. Next in the report is a brief explanation about how the Ansoff matrix works, and how Nivea uses this matrix to analyse if they should develop new products, open up new markets or just lauch new marketing campaigns. Following this the report talk about the Boston Consulting Group and which products of Nivea are star products or the cash cows, the question marks or the dogs. It helps Nivea to understand and analyse how to increases their profits and where best they should allocate their profits. Lastly the report goes on to explain the various promotion activities carried out by Nivea in order for them to have a large market share and create a strong brand name.


Nivea was first introduced in 1911. It was unique water in oil emulsion; this formula set them aside from their competitors as they used a base mad of fat. It was a multipurpose crème which was sold at very reasonable price making it readily available to the customers. This gave them a strategic edge as the other creams were mostly targeted to the upper class women at that time. Over the years Nivea has always had a very simple positioning strategy. Nivea’s strategy is well defined by Rolf Kunish, the Chairman of Beiersdorf Group: “The Strategy of concentrating on exploiting market potentials and regional growth opportunities must be continued.” In order to exploit market potential Nivea is constantly launching new products in the market that meets the need of the new market segment. For example Nivea launched sunscreen and tanning product in the 1960’s as outdoor activated started being in vogue. Nivea also extended its market lines to include men as well as kids. In the 1970’s for the first time Nivea was forced to revitalize its brand. The first step it took in order to accomplish this was by describing specific product benefits in their advertising. Prior to this Nivea used their advertising only to states the different settings in which the products could be used. Secondly, Nivea launched new products for the new growing market segments. They launched products such as Nivea Shower and Bath, Nivea Hair Care, Nivea Body, Nivea Visage etc… In 1990 , Nivea began to globalize their brand creating a common name for its products worldwide and also using uniform packaging. Further to this the advertisements of Nivea all tried and showed the same emotions and messages no matter in which country they were showed in. Now Nivea is a well know global brand who is constantly striving to build their marketing efforts that helps to build the consistency in their worldwide positioning.(


Marketing Mix is a framework that provides a structured approach to the market. According to Philip Kotler “Marketing Mix is the set of controllable variables that the firm can use to influence the buyer’s response” the controllable variables here refers to the product, price, place and promotion. These variables are to be mixed in an appropriate way so as to achieve the marketing goal....
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