Marketplace Simulation Analysis

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  • Published: April 4, 2011
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Marketplace Stimulation

March 29, 2011

Table of Contents
Report to Executive Board of Corporate Headquarters6
Financial and Market Performance for Second Year7
Brief Business Plan7
Brand Strategy7
Pricing Strategy8
Advertising Strategy8
Sales Strategy8
Business Strategy and Performance for Second Year8
Overall Business Strategy8
Departures from the Marketing Plan8
Significant Events that Affected the Company8
Current Situation in the Market9
Competing in the Future9
Lessons Learned9
Strategy Journal10
Quarter 1 Decision Making11
Company Name11
Individual Responsibilities11
Purchasing Market Research11
Quarter 2 Decision Making12
Team Norms12
Mission Statement12
Market Design12
Personal Goals13
New Brands13
Opening Sales Offices14
Quarter 3 Decision Making15
New Advertisements15
Sales Force15
Price and Priority16
Market Research16
Quarter 4 Decision Making18
Modified Brand18
Modified Advertisements18
Price and Priority18
Market Research19
Opening Sales Offices19
Sales People19
Quarter 5 Decision Making20
Modified Brand20
Local Ad Placement20
Regional Ad Placement20
Price and Priority20
Market Research20
Sales People20
Quarter 6 Decision Making21
New Brand21
Market Research21
Modified Advertisements21
Local Ad Placement22
Regional Ad Placement22
Price and Priority22
Opening Sales Offices23
Sales People23
Quarter 7 Decision Making25
Target Markets25
Modified Brands25
Market Research25
Modified Advertisements25
Local Ad Placement26
Regional Ad Placement27
Price and Priority27
Sales People28
Sales Forces Promotions29
Quarter 8 Decision Making30
Target Markets30
Modified Brands30
Market Research30
Modified Advertisements30
Local and Regional Ad Placement31
Price and Priority31
Opening Sales Offices31
Sales People31
Sales Forces Promotions32...
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