Marketing Mix of the Berocca

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1.0 Abstract
In this report, the aim was to analyze the marketing mix of Berocca according to our group’s survey and questionnaires. Marketing mix includes product, price, place and promotion. In terms of the survey and questionnaires, some results were givens and analyzed. In addition, some personal suggestion will be presented.

2.0 Introduction
Berocca is a brand of effervescent drink and vitamin tables, the tables contain comprehensive vitamin B group and vitamin C. At first, Berocca was made by the Roche Pharmaceuticals, but in 2005 Bayer’s global acquired the Roche Consumer Health and Berocca is made by Bayer. “Berocca is the NO.1 multivitamin brand grocery trade with 49% market share in 2009.” (Nielson, 2009) It is popular around the world, such as the Unite Kingdom, the Unite States, the European Union and China.

In this report, the marketing mix of Berocca has been analyzed detailedly from product, price, place and promotion. Some results have been analyzed based on our group questionnaires. From the questionnaire, our group calculated some data. In terms of the data, the consequences were found clearly. Additionally, the report’s main points will be concluded and the personal recommendations will be given.

3.0 Methodology
Due to achieve the research of Berocca from 4Ps, Rina, Shupeng, Beverly and me, we made up a group. We surveyed on the internet and in the university library. Furthermore, we discussed together and made a questionnaire with 11 questions. Then we did the questionnaires at the bus station outsides the Brent Cross. We did 30 questionnaires.

4.0 The results and analyses of Berocca marketing mix
In this section, according to the questionnaires the Berocca marketing mix will be analyzed and our group made some diagrams based on the questionnaires, we got some data, in terms of the data the results will be concluded.

4.1 Product
Product means the goods-and-services combination the company offers to the target market. (Kotler and Armstrong, 2010) According to the question 8, Why do you buy Berocca?

This is about the functions of product. Berocca effervescent tables contain many kinds of vitamin, such as vitamin B and vitamin C. These vitamin are all good for health, they can boost immune system. If you always work hard, when you feel tired, you can drink it, as a result, the tables can help you become more energy, therefore, you may work well and improve efficiency.

Referring to the bar diagram, the people who are in different age category, they buy Berocca main because Berocca is good for health and to work well. Few people just want to taste. 3 under 18 people have bought Berocca for good taste. Between 20-30 ages, the number of people wants to taste is the same as people want to work well. The quantity of people buys it for health is one more than others. Between 30 and 40 age, 14 people are willing to buy Berocca, there are 8 people buying Berocca due to want to work well. Just 3 people of 50 plus bought Berocca for healthy.

The reasons why most adults bought Berocca are the people are working and studying hard, they need more energy to work well. When they feel tired, they drink it, so they may be full of power to work and work efficiently. They drink Berocca also can improve immune system. They need more vitamins because they work too much, Berocca is good for health.

4.2 Price
Price is the amount the consumer must exchange to receive the offering. (Solomon et al, 2009) It is based on question 7. What do you think of the price?

This is about the price of product. Every bottle of Berocca is sold in stores about £5. Personal idea, it is a little expensive. Maybe its bottle materials and production process cost much more. As a result, the price of Berocca is a little expensive.

According to the bar chart, the majority of people think the price of Berocca is average. The number of people who think the price is cheap is the same as the quantity of...
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