Aldi Marketing Mix

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  • Published : January 26, 2013
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ALDI Marketing Mix
Gloria Pettis
Facilitator: Chuck Graziano
University of Phoenix
January 30, 2012

ALDI Marketing Mix
The current assignment is an analysis of the elements of the marketing mix (product, place, price, and promotion). ALDI is the chosen organization for the examination in which an explanation of the four elements of the marketing mix will take place. Details on how the marketing mix affects the development of ALDI’s marketing strategy and tactics and a description of how each element is executed within its industry will also take place. The Elements of the Marketing Mix

Marketing mix has different types of variables attached to it such as diverse and flexible ways to advertise, marketing on the Internet, or the sales strategy within the organization. To simplify these different types of variables, the organization can apply the four basic marketing mix known as the four p’s: 1. Product – The good or service for the target need such as benefits, branding, physical goods, services 2. Place –Reaching the target such by using kinds and locations of stores, channel type, transporting, and storage 3. Promotion – Telling and selling the customer by using sales, salespeople, publicity, and advertising. 4. Price – Making it right through strategizing with allowances, flexibility, discount, and geographic (Perrault, Cannon, & McCarthy, 2011). In the middle of the marketing mix is the customer; however, the customer is not part of the marketing mix because the customer is the target market.

ALDI is a food chain that specializes in products at discount prices. The chains sell inexpensive household items such as food, beverages, sanitary articles, and other items. They also offer specials on more expensive products such as electric appliances or computers; this is what makes ALDI more than the average every day store. ALDI’s establishment took place in Germany in 1913 on the outlook that people should have the...
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