Recommending a Marketing Mix for a Service ‘Lumia’ 800 of Nokia Mobile Company’

Topics: Mobile phone, Nokia, Smartphone Pages: 5 (1444 words) Published: November 19, 2012
GAC012: Business Studies Assessment Event 3

Recommending a Marketing Mix for a Service
‘Lumia’ 800 of NOKIA Mobile Company’

Student: Zhou Siyan ‘Effie’
ID number: ZMSC22222
Tutor: Maqui
Due Date: November 19, 2012
Date submitted: November 19, 2012
Word Count: 1249 words
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Research Methodology
3.0 Research Findings
4.0 Discussion
5.0 Conclusion and recommendations
Reference List

Executive Summary
When technology change the way people interact with each other in daily life, those writing days were gone with letters and postcards and personalized greeting cards and they are turned into emails, online social networking chat, sending text messages mostly with a mobile phone. The research paper is about choosing a product on which we will do and recommend a marketing mix. In order to come up with a good marketing mix, we gathered information online and from some interviews, discussion and findings which finally given our own conclusions and recommendations. The outcome of the paper concentrated on the recommended marketing mix for a chosen product which is lumia from ‘NOKAI’ and for its competitor which is G21 ‘HTC’. Therefore, there are different own style between the two companies in doing their marketing mixes, also we believe that our recommendation for a marketing mix for Nokia is considerable.

1.0 Introduction
This research is focus on recommending a marketing mix for a chosen product which is Lumia 800 form the NOKIA mobile company. A new type of mobile phone, with new designed out looking and the powerful windows phone 7.5 operating system, not only can be used for daily phone calls, sending messages but also is a perfect integration of work and leisure for people with it can get contact with social network and surfing the internet and enjoy the music or movies, books anytime anywhere they want. There is no doubt that this product is popular among teenagers, but actually our target market is people from 15 to 40 years old. The key success factors in this market are as follows: Appearance design, Operating system, Product quality, Brand awareness. Moreover, the reason why we chose Lumia 800 from NOKIA mobile company as our product is that representative products of NOKIA now whenever considering its quality or satisfaction As for the SWOT of NOKIA Company, firstly, the strengths is a position as industry leader in the telecommunications and electronics industry. Secondly, the weakness is that it is cannot sustain its current marketing rate. Thirdly, opportunity is that its marketing are all around the world. Lastly, threats are the competitive pressure from other companies, such as Apple, Google. As for marketing mix of the product Lumia 800, the price we recommend is about 1800 RMB and we decide to promote it through TV, Magazine, Film or any other possible way. As for place, we plan to set up monopolized store and expanding to the overseas markets. The outcome of the research is that the NOKIA with an excellent marketing mix can finally overcome its weakness--the declining market position. It is the target object on (Lumia 800) and popularity of windows phone OS that determine our choice of the marketing mix. 2.0 Methods

2.1 In order to collect the data, an interview is done in relation to the NOKIA Company and the product by asking questions from the managers in phone selling company. Moreover, we visit some appropriate Internet sites such as the official website of NOKIA and Google, Wikipedia and so on. From the way we used different websites to widen the scope of our research and gather important facts during interview to give clarity to vague topics concerning our report, the data collection methods can perfectly address the research objectives. 3.0 Findings

A key competitor is the HTC Mobile...
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