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Topics: Marketing, Mobile phone, Sony Ericsson Pages: 3 (804 words) Published: November 20, 2010
On October 3, 2001 the Japanese consumer electronic company Sony corporation and Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson was established a joint venture called “Sony Ericsson” to make mobile phones. Both companies have stopped making their own mobile phones and combine Sony’s consumer electronics expertise with Ericsson's technological leadership in the communications sector. In order to market their products, Sony Ericsson used the marketing mix strategies which is consist of the “four Ps” such as product, price, place and promotion. Product is the goods and services combination that the company offers to the target market, includes variety, features, brand name, quality, design, packaging and services. Sony Ericsson has produced a variety of mobile phones for different people, lifestyle, usage, budget and profession. A series of mobile phone accessories have also been produce by Sony Ericsson. They also have a lot of features for differentiating their products from competitors’ products. Sony Ericsson currently concentrates on the features of music, camera and business (web and email). They differentiated each product by giving each phone brand name to help consumers identify products that might benefit them. As illustrations, for the phone that is focus on camera they brand it as “Cyber-Shot”, for the phone that is focused on music is “Walkman”, for phone that focused in network exclusive is “T-Mobile”. In addition, Sony was also control the quality of the products to create customer value and satisfaction. Sony Ericsson has different style and design of their mobile phone to meet customers’ wants and needs. At Sony Ericsson, design is about more than just a good looking product, it is integrated into every step of the process – intelligent features, user-friendly applications, innovative materials and, of course, attractive visual appearance. Packaging involves designing and producing the container or wrapper for the products. Sony Ericsson packages their...
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