Marketing Mix Concept

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What is the marketing mindset? How is a marketing concept different from a product or selling concept? Describe the steps in the buyer decision process. Would you say you engaged in these steps when choosing your education? The marketing mindset means that the organizations concentrates on satisfying the needs of it's customers. It is the orientation to consumer needs and organizational integration of all activities to meet those needs.

The strategy says, that the company should start a dialogue with it's costumer and segment the market by their audience's needs, desires, demographic indicators etc. and then analyse each segment separately. The segments behaviour should be analysed and monitored continuously. This will tell the company, what the client wants or needs so the company could design its' product or action based on the peoples' interests. It can also tell, what are the communication channels or means to what the audience responds most well. It helps to design the way and method, what the organization addresses its' audience, which in conclusion helps the company to spread its' message more efficiently. This means, that the clients tell the organization what they want and how they want, instead of the organization telling them, what the company wants them to want.

The selling concept's objective is to increase profits by increasing sales volume or appealing to the mass or quantities instead of quality. The aim is to provide a comprehensive range of goods or services, using advertising and promotion of art, regardless of actual consumer needs in the post-purchase discontent or actual behavioural changes in the audience.

The product concept sets the product on pedestal instead of costumer behaviour. The organization takes care of continuous product improvement, but does not pay much attention to marketing. This means, that the organization is telling the consumer what it wants.

The buyers decision process steps begins with need recognition,...
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