Marketing Mix

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Marketing mix:

Definition – The marketing mix consists of the 4 main aspects of marketing, these include: • Price – Value, low price
• Place – Stores = Superstores, online, retail
• Promotion – advertising, offers
• Product – Limited range of essential products
• Processes – Customer service, revenue protection
• People – design, accounts
• Physical – bags, logo on trolleys

|Aspect |What it consists of |What the businesses do | |Price |Providing Value at the lowest price possible |Apple Make each iPad mini for £150 and then sell them from £270+. This is the | | | |lowest possible price they can sell the product for and still make a profit that | | | |they use to develop future products. | | | |Tesco buy their products in bulk which is cheap and then sell them for only a | | | |little profit to make sure that the customers are satisfied with the low price of | | | |their products. | |Place |Selling in stores and online |Apple have an Apple website that they sell their products from. They also have a | | | |retail store counterpart in which they sell their products from too. | | | |Tesco sell their products in store and online, the same as Apple. | |Promotion |Advertising and offers |Apple advertises their products on E-Media, Print and Broadcast texts very often. | | | |They have a unique design to their advertisements that puts them apart from every | | | |other retailer. Their advertisements and promotion of their products has helped | | | |them to become the wealthiest company in the world. | | | |Tesco are one of the biggest supermarket retailers in the world so they have no | | | |problem attracting customers to buy from them. Tesco stores are very common in an | | | |area so the audience are more likely to go to one through convenience than to go | | | |and buy a specific item that you can only purchase in a Tesco store. Apple’s | | | |audience visit their stores if they want a specific product from the store that is | | | |unique to the brand and not available anywhere else. | |Product |Range of products |Apple’s range of products are unique to other retailers as they are crafted and | | |...
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