Marketing Philosophy of Nestle

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Marketing considers a given companies ability to satisfy the needs of a its targeted customers within a market which in return helps the company achieve its aims and objectives which are outlined in a mission statement.

Introduction to Nestle

Nestle is a globally recognised organisation founded by Henri Nestle in 1866 in Switzerland. Nestle claim to be the ‘worlds leading nutrition, health and wellness company’ and their mission is ‘Good Food and Good Life’. the Swiss organisation employee 280,000 people around the world. Nestle has a vision of ‘meeting the needs of the consumer everyday by marketing and selling food of a consistently high quality’ ( The organisation believe the ‘confidence’ that the consumers have in the brands which they produce have helped them to improve their marketing strategies and how they research and develop new concepts. Nestles mission statement also states they wish to further use e-business to market products and also to ‘deliver the best quality’ in everything they do, such as their production techniques and also how they choose their suppliers as standards are key to Nestles aims and objectives. Analysing the visions of Nestle through their mission statement indicates they are very much a market orientated organisation, as they clearly indicate they aim to broaden they use of the internet to market their products and also how they use their consumers to help expand their market knowledge.

Product vs. market orientation
Organisation can either be market or product orientated. Being a market orientated business indicates the organisation predominately focuses their attention towards the market they are launching a product into and they also consider the best ways to reach their target audience through different marketing strategies. The advantages of being a market orientated company is that it is easier to adapt to changes in different markets and also creates a sense of loyalty with its customers. But being a market orientated company results in a large expense due to the amount of research undertaken. A product orientated organisation on the other hand tend to primarily focus their attention on the product they are going to launch into a market rather than fully analysing that market itself. The danger of being product instead of a market orientated organisation is that when launching a product into a new and unconsidered market is that the product could not be what the target market are seeking and the competition are likely to have advantages based on their market research. Organisations that consider the markets before launching a product within gives them an advantage in terms of finding a gap in the market and also finding an unique selling point (USP) which can help gain a greater market share. Although being a product orientated company restrict market knowledge it saves expenses through not focusing on research techniques which can be costly.

The micro-marketing environment directly influences an organisation marketing strategies. The term micro refers to the relationship between an organisation and those factors that influence marketing. Customers

A customer can be defined as someone who uses a service or purchases a product for a conceived value which is measured in monetary terms. Nestles has a range of customers on a global basis. To ensure that customers are fully satisfied Nestle has to provide products that offer value for money and are of a quality which its competitors do not offer the target market. Nestle value their customers which reflects their mission statement as they believe confidence their customers have in them helps them to further understand markets year after year. The Nestle website is an user friendly website which reflect how important their customers are to them. The ‘contact us’ page implies the organisation are customer focused and want feedback from those customers.

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