Marketing Mix and Market Segmentation

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  • Published: October 11, 2012
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Market Segmentation
Marketing Mix in Avon

Report on the effects of use Marketing Mix and Market Segmentation by the Avon Company

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30 November 2010


1. Introduction3
2. Market Segmentation by Avon4
3. Marketing Mix by Avon:5
* Product5
* Price5
* Place5
* Promotion6
4. Conclusion7
5. Bibliography8


This report evaluates the marketing mix and market segmentation in the Avon Company. Established in the USA in 1886, today Avon is the world’s leading direct seller of beauty and related products, reaching customers in over 137 countries through 5.8 million independent sales representatives. To grow its business, Avon:

* tries to develop the right balance between the main four elements of the marketing mix (product, price, promotion and place - "the 4 P's"), * uses market segmentation to divide its market into distinct groups who share common needs, wants, demand characteristics and interests and who are likely to be attracted to particular products or services.

Market Segmentation
Consumer markets can be segmented on the following customer characteristics: 1. Geographic segmentation is based on regional variables such a region, climate, population density and population growth rate. * Avon offers products throughout six regions – Asia Pacific, Central and Eastern Europe, China, Latin America, North America, Western Europe, Middle East and Africa. 2. Demographic segmentation is based on variables such age, gender, family status, income, education, ethnicity, nationality, religion, social class. Avon offers an extensive range of products for:

* women, men, children.
* teenagers, the older generation.
3. Psychographic segmentation groups customers according to their lifestyle, activities, interests, attitudes and values. * Avon has launched...
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