Marketing Cross-Functional Relationship During Npd

Topics: Marketing, Communication, Marketing management Pages: 32 (10576 words) Published: November 30, 2010
Marketing Cross-functional Relationship during NPD
and collaborative capability for marketing managers


In the era of hi-tech and rapid information development, the success of the enterprises mainly depends on the continuous NPD. It is discovered by a lot of research that the collaboration between the marketing and other departments is critical to the success of new products. The marketing can have better promotion performance through effective collaboration with R&D and other departments. Adopting deep interview for a special case, this study elaborates the cross-functional relationship (CFR) management based on research findings and related theories. The study suggests the structural, social and individual ways to improve the interdepartmental collaboration. The main research conclusions are as follows.

a. Chang Xin Company pays much attention to teamwork and cooperation between marketing and other departments in the whole process of NPD. In the project discussion phase, the departments carry on the project planning and market survey together. The marketing deals with the inquiries at promotion and the after-sale service with the help of R&D, Investment Management and other departments. b. The relationship between marketing and other departments can be build through sharing resources, work turnover, mutual understanding and common goals. Chang Xin still has something to do to build information communication platform such as network system, information transmission and tracking system in order to get high efficiency of information exchange. c. In addition to building the enterprise culture to value cross-functional communication, the company had better set up mutual promotion and reward system to give impact on the career development views of the managers. At the same time, the responsibilities of each department should be clearly specified.

1 Introduction7
1.1 Objective7
1.2 Review of Chapters8
1.3 Limitation of Study8
2 Literature Review10
2.1 Definition10
2.2 Cross-functional relationship in NPD11
2.3 How to Achieve Cross-functional Collaboration13
2.3.1 Information communication13
2.3.2 Integrating management structure15
2.3.3 Building Interpersonal Trust17
2.4 Collaborative Capabilities of Marketing Managers18
2.4.1 Reputational Effectiveness Factors18
2.4.2 Marketing Manager’s Collaborative Skills20
3 Research Methodology22
3.1 Case Study22
3.2 Data Collection23
3.3 Data Analysis24
4 Case Analysis: Chang Xin Asset Management26
4.1 Company Background26
4.2 Status of Cross-functional Collaboration in NPD26
4.3.1 Social Methods29
4.3.2 Structural Methods29
4.3.3 Integration of information/resource31
4.4 Collaborative Capability of Marketing Manager32
4.5 Results34
5 Conclusion35
6 References36
7 Reflective Report39

1 Introduction

1.1 Objective

Deploying activities for total quality control and cost reduction to achieve good business performance are the main issues for a firm. In the process of new product development (NPD), the new products are often unstable quality and there are varying problems need to be fixed. The problems could be better solved by improving communication and information-sharing between different departments and their managers. Therefore, the interdepartmental collaboration is needed. Souder and Chakrabarti (1978, cited by Ye Youming, 2009) found out that 68% R&D projects will fail in business performance completely and 21% will fail partially when there is serious management problems between the marketing and R&D. This study will focus on the collaboration between the marketing department and other departments, especially in the NPD phase and find out the way to achieve the most effective cross-functional relationship (CFR). The main objectives are to explore important features of cross-functional working relationship during NPD and to gain further knowledge on the relative importance of...
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