Communication Channel Scenarios

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Communication Channel Scenarios
MGT/521 - Management
April 23, 2012

Communication Channel Scenarios
The ability to communicate is one of the most important skills that anyone can learn. Communication helped win the Civil War and keeps the gears of the global economy turning. People use communication with their employers, peers, family, friends, and even pets. Poor communication skills can make a good opportunity turn bad and a bad situation worse. Communication is more than just the intended message and comes in different forms. Deciding on the type of form is key to delivering the message appropriately an effectively. The exercise on communication channel scenarios provides three examples of a situation which it is important to choose the right form of communication. This paper will explore my responses and will provide evidence supporting the quality of my decision. Scenario One

In scenario one a marketing manager is tasked with expanding a consumer product on a global scale. The marketing manager is given a week to develop this strategy with his team. The manager must decide how to communicate the project with to his team. The manager must also decide how to deliver his strategy to an executive member of his organization. Downward Communication

Action. The marketing manager must decide how to best communicate the details of the assignment to his team. To express the importance of the assignment the manager decides to meet with his team as in a group meeting. He addresses the team as a group explaining the reason for the assignment and spends several minutes answering questions. After answering questions he asks for the group to come some initial ideas. The group comes up with several ideas and gives them to the manager. The manager reviews each idea with the team and through simple collaboration eliminates most of them leaving only a few choices. The manager decides on one of the remaining ideas and creates a timeline with milestones and deadlines for completion. The manager e-mails the timeline to the team after the meeting.

Explanation. The marketing manager chose to meet with his team instead of using another form of communication that was not as rich. This decision was made because of the abbreviated deadline and the need for immediate feedback. “The advantages of oral communication are speed and feedback” (Judge & Robbins, 2011, p. 346). The manager remained a central and active participant in the discussion to make sure the team did not get off course and to answer any questions. There are four functions of communication: control, motivation, emotional expression, and information (Judge & Robbins, 2011). Meeting in person allowed him to serve two functions: control and information. At the end of the meeting, he sent an e-mail to the team reminding them of deadlines. This allows for a permanent record and serves as reminder that each individual can use at their convenience. “If there are questions about its content, the message is physically available for later reference” (Judge & Robbins, 2011, p. 347). Upward Communication

Action. With the marketing strategy developed the manager must communicate this to the vice president of operations. He calls the vice president of Operations secretary and schedules a web-based video conference to present his strategy. On the web-based video conference the manager provides a downloadable agenda with only the topics followed by key points in a bullet point format. He goes through each topic expounding briefly on the marketing strategy. For each fact or figure, he uses visual representations in bright colors. After the presentation has concluded, he seeks feedback from the vice president who appears and sounds like he approves. He lets the vice president know that he will receive the presentations by e-mail so that he can review them while he thinks about the proposed strategy.

Explanation. In this instance the...
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