MyCare Text Project Proposal

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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MyCare Text Project Proposal

MyCare Text Project Proposal
Have you or your family member ever been in the hospital? Did you ever experience the anxiety, fear, and anger while waiting for the doctor or nurse to update you with the status of your loved one? The hospital is the last place where you or your family wants to be, but unfortunately, it either happens on the emergency basis or scheduled procedures. The project that we have chosen will address the communication problems between patient's families and medical personnel. The project will consist of a HIPPA-compliant, messaging system that will be updating family members about the patients undergoing surgical procedures. This service provided by utilizing a mobile platform with phone numbers provided by the family members not only while in the waiting room, but also miles away. This project will improve the patient satisfaction rate as well as Press Ganey scores; and decrease the amount of strain on the Nurse-liaison for covering so many OR's. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the domestic population is expected to increase almost 17% by the year 2020; the fastest growing segment of this population are those over the age of 65. The proportion of surgical services expected to have significant increases (between 14-47%) for all surgical fields. Individual hospitals perform anywhere between thousands to tens of thousands of surgeries per year. In 2006, there were over 46 million surgical procedures performed in the U.S. alone, all of which included some form of waiting for loved ones. (U.S. Census Bureau) A grounded-theory approach used to examine the experiences of waiting family members during surgery of a loved one. A convenience sample of 32 family members of patients undergoing surgery interviewed in two surgical waiting rooms. Constant comparison of the data performed until saturation of categories achieved. The resulting middle-range theory, maintaining balance during the wait, described the family member’s struggle for balance during the surgical wait. Four domains were identified: focusing on the patient, passing the time, interplay of thoughts and feelings, and giving and/or receiving support. Study findings show that understanding this struggle for balance during surgery is imperative for nurses who often interact with family members and need to address their needs. (Journal of Family Nursing, 2010) North Shore- Long Island Jewish Health System is one of the most renowned and respected hospitals on Long Island. It offers the highest quality of care to its patients through innovative research, community, education and prevention programs. Our goal is to provide families and patients with the utmost satisfaction and keep the lines of communication open between the medical staff and families during surgical procedures. The MyCare Text gives us the opportunity to make a difference in our patient’s hospital experience. Part of North Shore- Long Island Jewish Health System mission statement is to "Provide an environment in which patients, their families, and physicians are highly satisfied with the services provided through the Health System". The objective is of this project to provide a needed service to improve the line of communication between the surgeons and patients families, decreasing anxiety during surgery, and improving overall satisfaction and service excellence. A research study conducted at Virginia Medical Center and the numbers speak for themselves. During surgery, a brief message passed along every hour such as "The surgery is progressing as planned, and we will update you in an hour". Ninety-five percent of the families that receive updates rated the OR experience excellent, while ninety percent of the families that did not received updates rated their experience as fair. This service will be piloted for three months in two major services, GYN and urology involving lengthy procedures like, tumor debulking, robotic nephrectomies,...
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