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Task 1

An Executive summary
KWVR preservation society is a five mile long heritage railway line in West Yorkshire, England that’s runs from Keighley to Oxenhope. It’s a preserved line that runs mainly steam engines but with diesel locomotives too, it is also a volunteer run organization. It joins to the national railing network line at Keighley railway station and it’s the only heritage railway that operates a whole branch line in its original form. The main purpose of KWVR is to not only provide transport for the local residents and the tourists but also provide events for specific occasions.

As a privately-owned heritage railway the line does not specifically serve commuters. The railway has a large collection of Vintage carriages; some of them are used to carry passengers on specifically selected open days.

Recently the Airedale Springs company has produced a flat spring product that helps extend the life of wooden railway sleepers, this was specially produced for Keighley and Worth Valley Railway. This spring is used to repair and prevent the worsening of cracks which tend to appear due to wear and tear.

The railway preservation society has recently reached an agreement with the British Waterways Board to convert the branch line into a narrow canal with a direct connection to Leeds & Liverpool canal near Reddlesden. The KWVR and BWB will be funding this project together with the financial assistance from various major supermarkets companies who have stores alongside the new proposed route. This project will be done in several stages with the entire project being done by 2014. (Worth valley: 2009)

Situation analysis
KWVR preservation society is at a turning point in its economic cycle, despite the gradual decline of traditional manufacturing industries, new service sector and advanced manufacturing jobs are created in many of West Yorkshire towns. There is also an increase of commuting into Keighley and the town has excellent transport links and is sustainable location for employment and housing and as a consequence will bring growth in residential and employment development over next ten to fifteen years to come.

The competitive advantage of KWVR preservation society is that it is a significant gateway t the town centre and thus provides access to major tourist attractions of it’s heritage Keighley and Worth Valley railway and Bronte Parsonage at Haworth. Another advantage is that it is internationally recognized for its heritage restoration thus giving it an opportunity to build skills to further develop the growing sector of building restoration.

KWVR tends to promote itself very well as it has an up to date and detailed site which achieves high levels of hits. The preservation society also has a folded time table and information sheets, which are available at its own stations and also at most railway stations in the North of England. Objectives

KWVR preservation society’s main objective is to make sure its customers are satisfied but also to make sure; To provide technological advances in some areas of the industry, as time goes by technology grows so they should advance themselves more, like provide wireless internet connection in the trains, that way the passengers can work and do other activities with their laptops in the trains. To develop technical partnerships within the railway industry to improve operational efficiency, more relations will be beneficial for the company. This way it will be easy to get other equipments which will help improve the operational activities and provide smoothness and great effect in the long term of the railway industry. To address the professional development and training requirements of the railway industry, training will improve the professional level of the employees which will motivate them to work more and be specialized in each field required; this will improve the image of the railway industry. Enable passengers to move between the station and the...
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