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Portacabin Case (it designs and delivers modular buildings) An effective marketing campaign takes account of the principles of the AIDA model.

Raising awareness and creating interest may involve the use of promotional techniques. The sales force will then turn interest into sales. Research at Portakabin focuses on two key performance indicators (KPIs): • Customer satisfaction - customer surveys determine the level of clients’ happiness and what issues affect them. The results are used to improve customer satisfaction. • Net Promoter Score (NPS) - a tool that shows how popular Portakabin is with existing customers. A high score suggests customers will recommend them and that the business will grow faster. The marketing mix

Positioning - Portakabin has positioned itself at the top of the market, offering high quality products and services. This adds value in terms of customer confidence. Portakabin prices products competitively, but these may be higher than rivals to reflect its higher quality products. Promotion helps turn prospects into customers. Portakabin uses above-the-line and below-the-line methods to do this: * Above-the-line involves paid-for advertising through targeted channels, e.g. trade magazines, press, TV. * Below-the-line is generated in other ways, e.g. direct mail, email, public relations, open days and targeted web pages. Place refers to distribution channels or those locations where products can be bought. For example, Portakabin customers are never more than one hour’s drive away from its hire centres. Service teams are located close to customers so issues are resolved quickly. Conclusion

Portakabin maintains its leading position with a balanced marketing mix. This aims to provide clients with quality products and services. Market research is important to measure the effectiveness of the marketing mix. Customer loyalty is measured by how likely a client is to recommend the business. High satisfaction scores show that Portakabin is performing well.

Marketing Tips from “Content Marketing Institute Study” 54% of B2B marketers will increase their spend on content marketing over the next 12 months. Tip #1 – Understand the Why
Why are your creating content in the first place?  What impact can you have on the customer that doesn’t involve your product or service?  What is your higher purpose?  Tip #2 – Find Alternate Resources

Don’t be afraid to outsource.  Most companies outsource some part of their content marketing. Tip #3 – Find Your Niche
You can’t be everything to everybody.  Focus on your content area that you can be the leading expert in the world, and focus on a specific buying group when you do it. Tips from Intel:
Tip #4 – Plan Ahead
An editorial calendar is essential.
Tip #5 – Stories Resonate
As long as you can find stories that resonate with your audiences, then you can create content. Stories are everywhere, the key thing is to listen and observe. Be open-minded. Tip #6 – Communication is Key

Reach out to different groups (internal) and customers (external), or even your management. For examples, challenges on product development, customer testimonials and founding father’s stories, even company values. Tips from SAP

Tip #7 – Be Inspirational
Companies have to inspire their existing experts to start building their personal brands and becoming content creators. Tip #8 – Distribute in Multiple Channels
Businesses need to build dynamic content destinations. Become like a publisher and think like a digital news site. Tip #9 – Curate Content When Appropriate
You eventually realize that using your own resources is not enough. You don’t know everything and will never have enough budget to create all the content your audience seeks. So content creation is a core component of effective marketing and content strategy. Tips from Kraft Food

Tip #10 – Budget for Content
Great content doesn’t just happen.  It takes copywriters, designers, photographers, directors,...
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