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TUTORIAL 14 (Week 16) Integrated Marketing Communication: Personal Selling, Public Relations and Sales Promotion Case Study 1 Eu Yan Sang's "sugar-free" Infant's Digestive Support Formula Teabag Infants who feed on dairy products usually develop intestinal heat problems that affect health. To help the infant clear these heat problems, many parents in Hong Kong would use traditional methods that involved boiling Chinese herbs to produce a homemade cooling tea. However, today's busy parents may not have the time to personally make this tea for their infants. In view of this, Eu Yan Sang has introduced Hong Kong's firstever 'sugar-free' Infant's Digestive Support Formula Teabag. Eu Yang Sang organized several public forums in several parts of Hong Kong to encourage parents to understand and increase their knowledge about this product.

Multiple Choice Questions 1) Companies such as Eu Yang Sang actively embark on public relations to generate publicity about its products. All of the following are advantages of public relations EXCEPT. a) Higher Credibility – not perceived in the same light as advertising b) Relatively low costs when one considers positive publicity. c) Tendency for companies to take advantage of free publicity. d) Positive PR results in Brand image building


Which of the following statements best describe public relations as a whole? a) Building and maintaining national or local community relations by organizing various public events. b) A concerted effort to manage any negative publicity about its product or company or crisis that may occur. c) Maintaining good relationship with its various stakeholders to ensure that they perform better and achieve organization goals


d) Building good relations with the company’s stakeholders and developing activities to build a good corporate image.


The public relations department at Eu Yang Sang performs...
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