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The essence of the report is outlining a suggested marketing strategy for Best Western Westley Hotel Birmingham (Westly Hotel). The essential difference from previous work Section A is focusing in detail on target markets, for the future marketing direction of Westly Hotel in dealing with the marketing issues and problems. The main motivation is developing Westley Hotel’s marketing share, customer satification and making revenue. The challenges involves increased VAT, weak finance support as an independent owned hotel, and the limit marketing share or advertisement in Birmingham compare with its competitors. The methodology to choose marketing strategy is based on the findings on TOWS analysis (Please find it attached), in addition, target customers, product development, image management, brand position and relationship building. The final choice of main marketing strategy to Westley Hotel is focus on business travelers, due to its location, internationally recognized brand name Best Western (BW), worldwide reservation system provided by BW and medium price. The essence of approach guests is stated suitable strategic choices and marketing plan, which come from 7Ps: promotional and communication mix activity, place, product, price, physical environment, people and process, e-marketing is noted as an specific area to explore. The rest of the report is organized by flow of ideas which are focusing on critically discuss short term and long term implication of chosen strategy, develop an appropriate tactical marketing mix plan for strategy with integrating proper models and theory to justify discussions and responses which include product and market expansion grid to market development. *

* Strategy Alternatives
This report recommends a few alternative strategies through TOWS theory. Under SO strategy, this report suggests market development, which high quality with 2012 Olympic international travelers; and market penetration, which continuously place a focus on local segment and business tourists. Under ST strategy, this report suggests to provide promotions and good service, which build the loyal customers to fight the intensive market competitors; and receiving support from BW to get through economic downturn period. Under WO strategy, this report suggests investing on more advertising to attract potential guests and using more languages on website for better communication. Under WT strategy, this report suggests the same as WO strategy, investing on more advertising of Westley Hotel to attract potential guests segments; and doing business research of international customer behavior for better service providing.

As present above, these alternative strategies can be divided into four main aspects, including market development, market penetration, product development, and diversification. Market development strategy targets non-buying customers in currently targeted segments, and it also targets new customers in new segments (Aaker, 2008). Aggressive marketing campaigns and public relationship strategy could belong to market development strategy. Market penetration strategy is the most useful strategy in existing market, which increase market share of an existing product, or promoting a new product (Baker, 2003). The market penetration strategy could gain market share through relationship marketing and aggressive marketing campaigns. Product development strategy provides the framework to orient a company's development projects as well as its development process. In addition, the product development could be low product cost, low development cost or technology innovations (Baker, 2003). The product development emphasizes self-improvement more than market extension. Diversification strategy relates new products and new markets, where the markets and the products are similar to the Westley Hotel’s existing markets and products --- Weddings. Westley has been one of the first establishments in Birmingham...
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