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PROGRAM: SEMESTER: COURSE TYPE: CREDITS: PREREQUISITE: DAYS OFFERED: TIMINGS: INSTRUCTOR: CONTACT EMAIL: OFFICE: TELEPHONE: CONSULTATION HOURS: MBA Evening Fall 2011 Core 3 MKT 501 – Marketing Management Mondays and Thursdays (inclusive) 6:00 pm – 7:40 pm Dr. Huma Amir Room # 302, Administration Block, Main Campus 0092 21 111 422 422 Ext. 305; IP #2631 On appointment

“Perplexity is the beginning of knowledge”
Khalil Gibran

Well-thought-out business decisions require a thorough understanding of all stakeholders of the business, and the environment surrounding it. This course is designed to equip students with the essential tools of research which forms the basis of sound decision-making. Through an applied approach using real case studies and a semester-long research project, supplemented by classroom discussions and presentations, students gain knowledge of how a business issue is converted into a research problem and what approach is used to bring out the most appropriate alternatives within a given situation. Understanding of basic and advance techniques of business research enhances analytical capabilities and grounds decisions in logical and factual information.

By the end of the semester the students will be equipped with research methods that can be used in most business, and other social related, research and will be able to: 1

        

Differentiate alternative research epistemologies and their appropriate use based on research issue; Convert a managerial issue into a research problem; Explain research and its components and design a blue print of proposed research process; Understand various research methodologies and be able to adopt the one that is most relevant to each research problem; Develop a research instrument based on the research methodology; Conduct fieldwork in a systematic and scientific manner in accordance with the research methodology; Understand and apply advanced qualitative and/or quantitative research tools to interpret data collected during fieldwork in order to solve business problems; Provide logical, relevant, and comprehensive information for decision-making; and, in addition Equip themselves with the analytical skills necessary for other advanced business courses.

A case-based approach to learning is used in this course where theory and concepts will emerge from discussing real business scenerios. A student-based learning approach is utilised where case-discussion participants are encouraged to put forth their ideas and suggestions based on the reading materials and their own best judgement. Quantitive theory is reinforced through case and text book exercises.

TextBook “Marketing Research: An Applied Orientation” by Naresh K. Malhotra & Satyabhushan Dash, 6th Edition. RecommendedReadingsforReference Bryman, A. & Bell, E. (2007). Business Research Methods, USA: Oxford University Press Cavana, R. Y., Delahaye, B. L. & Uma Sekaran (2001). Applied Business Research: Qualitative and Quantitative, Australia: John Wiley & Sons Zikmund, W. G. (2003). Business Research Methods. USA: Thomson Southwestern RevelantJournals(This list is not exhaustive) Journal of Marketing Research International Journal of Research in Marketing Journal of International Business Studies International Marketing Review Journal of Marketing Management 2

Industrial Marketing Management European Journal of Marketing Journal of Consumer Research Journal of Marketing Journal of Consumer Marketing




Running Case With Real Introduction – Course introduction, course Data: Dell Direct. An outline, methodology, assessment, group formation & allocation of work load. Introduction Introduction to Marketing Research...
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