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Marketing of Glenmeadie
SWOT Analysis
* Good company as their product is being sold internationally in 180 countries. * Offers apprenticeship to overseas students
* History & Heritage: Glenmeadie Castle, home of the company’s distillation and storerooms for nearly a century and a half * Organise events for tasting of their whisky

* Customers are with them for a short amount of time and not there loyal customers for a long period. * Could lose profit due to Vodka and Rum
* Production not keeping up with demand
* Strategy needs to be changed due to more investment been made in the front end of the business.

* Make customers loyal customers by involving the consumers more about the company and its offers. E.g. emails, customised bottles for special occasions and newsletters on the companies achievements. * Bring excitement to the company so it interests consumers. * Increase bonds with suppliers

* Personalise bottles for special occasions for consumers

* Competition of other whisky distillers like Famous Grouse * Consumers wanting vodka or rum instead
* Changes of regulations
* Taxation

Glenmeadie relates to the alcohol sector.
In my opinion the issues that Gleanmeadie face is that production was not keeping up with demand. However they did do well by “brand was much larger concern, with roughly $100 million in sales on nearly $2 million 9 liter cases sold” This shows that there is profit but on certain brands, which may take a long time to produce therefore creating a concern with production not keeping up with demand. As I have read through the case study Glenmeadie want to implement a new strategy to keep their customers for longer. This includes providing loyalty cards, special promotions for birthdays and anniversaries and also are including newsletters which will be distributed to their customers. Glenmeadies want to show they have a...
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