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Case 9
Question 3 .
This product “Cottonelle Fresh Rollwipes” has still has a market opportunity, as it still is a question mark, and in order to grow the company needs to invest a lot more to move this product to the left side of the map and try to become a star. The competitor P&G has now made a market for the product, so the company has to try to become a strong brand, because now it has a really low market-share. So the aim of the firm is to have a growth objective to gain position and increase the sales. Otherwise the product would become a Dog and the best thing for the company would be divesting instead of building. The four marketing P’s (product, price, place and promotion) are important in developing the entire marketing process. In order to succeed the company has to take into consideration the different ways it can expand their product, in this case Fresh Rollwipes are an upward stretching strategy to the regular paper, they decided to position in the Fresh Rollwipes are an upward stretching strategy to the regular paper, they decided to position in the market of the business companies, but this can also be diversified to regular houses, so families can use them with kids, as well, for example. As well as this, the American market is prepared for this Fresh Rollwipes, but the company has to change its distribution channel, because it is really important that the product can reach every person has access to the product, so delays in manufacturing products should be avoid. The company can position the product in order to attract more the American market once they are already used to moistened wipes in other forms, so they should take advantage of this market opportunity. The second P refers to price, and in this case they should try a Fast Penetration Strategy, once there is already a competitor in the market and they should have low prices. In the case of the third P, the company should take into consideration a good promotion, such as...
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