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The project was commissioned by the lecturer Mr Raymond Thomas at the SIM university lesson on 5 July 2012 with all the students. Our five group members will complete this group project then we will submit our group project on 24 July 2012 before the deadline. The purpose of this project is to research CASIO pte ltd that markets its consumer products in Singapore. The project also will propose a new product that CASIO may find suitable and profitable to launch and market in Singapore. This project analyses the behavioral characteristics of the consumers in watch market and describe how this factor will influence their choice of our CASIO watch in part A. In the part B, how the CASIO use product and promotions in the marketing mix to market new product. CASIO watch is one of three largest Japanese brands. The multi-functions of CASIO watches have been well-known in the world for many years. Its representative of active youth fashion and multi-functions has deeply rooted in people's mind. CASIO insists on creating new technologies beyond competitors as its own responsibility. Thus its products are located in high proposition in customers' hearts. We carry out secondary research from press articles, Internet websites, company annual reports and textbook. The project lacks information from resellers and manufactory as the result our analysis may not entire. Following the introduction section above, would be the part A that analyzed information gathered from the document research. Subsequently, the part B will purpose new product. Finally, the project will show a conclusion based on the analysis.

Part A

A buyer’s decisions are influence by personal characteristics such as the buyer’s age and life-cycle stage, occupation, economic situation, lifestyle, and personality and self-concept.

People change the good and services they buy over their lifetime. Taste in food, cosmetic, furniture and clothes are often age related. Normally, Casio Watches is a good choice for young people. Different people have different consumer behavior and demographic characteristics. We can segment the consumers who are under 18 years old into youth, 18 to 35 years old into getting start stage, 35 to 50 years old into builder stage, 50 to 60 years old into accumulators’ stage and above 60 years old into preservers stage. Casio has sport watches, lady watches, and mechanical watches. Most of them are for the people in youth and getting start stage. For these stages of people, they don't need purchase and may not afford luxury such as Rolex. on the other hand, low-priced watches with a low quality could not satisfy them. Casio watches have good quality and is also affordable.

A person's occupation may affect the watches they are going to bought. Casio has different types of watches. Normally, Casio watches are for students and all kinds of occupations' young staffs that have just enter the company. For students, they need watches...
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