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Business Economics and Tourism 2009


It has been a great opportunity for me to research this interesting and demanding topic on the appropriate and right promotion and communication variables in the Ghanaian energy drink market. These commended promotion and communication variables will help Sinebrychoff Oy to evaluate their opportunities of doing business in Ghana. It has been a great experience for me to relate my academic knowledge in exploring and establishing facts about the practicalities involved in the promotion and communication strategies of energy drinks in Ghana. There is no doubt that this research study will serve as a platform for future research studies. The challenges encountered through the process of this research study will also serve as a guide for my future research decisions.

I would like to express my gratitude to the many individuals who made this research study a reality. I would like to thank Mr. Jukka Leskinen from Sinebrychoff Oy, Mr. Kristian Ylinen and Mr. Vesa Jaakkola from CYRR Group Ltd for giving me this opportunity. Special thanks to my supervisor Mrs. NahanSuomela Rosmeriany for her continued support, suggestions, understanding and guidance through this process of this research. Many thanks also go to Charles Abugre, the Mwaawaaru family and the Suojala family for their great support.

This research study would not have being possible without the help and contribution from the Ghana Ministry of Trade and Finance- Domestic Trade Department, Joseph Kojo Akoto, Joseph Faalong and Louis Kuukpen.


VAASAN AMMATTIKORKEAKOULU VAASA UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCE Degree Programme in International Business Author Title Mwaawaaru Laaru Sarah Marketing Strategy in Terms of Promotion and Communication for Energy Drinks in Ghana. Case Company: Sinebrychoff Brewery. Year Language Pages Name of Supervisor 2009 English 87 +12 Appendices Nahan-Suomela Rosmeriany

The objective of this research study was to give Sinebrychoff Oy an insight of the Ghanaian energy drink market. This will enable Sinebrychoff Oy evaluate the opportunities of entry into the Ghanaian energy drink market. The purpose for this research study was to find the best and appropriate promotion and communication strategies in terms of variables and mediums. This research study also pointed out the practical aspects entailed in the promotion and communication strategies of energy drinks in Ghana. The research study employed cultural, social, consumer behaviours and market information associated with energy drinks in Ghana. The utilization of the qualitative research method was adopted. The research methodology outlined some cultural, social beliefs, values and expectations associated with creating brand awareness, brand loyalty and effectiveness to promotion and communication variables. In order to accomplish the aim of this research study questionnaires were handed out to 1000 respondents, in the Kumasi Metropolitan. A taste sampling for 7 respondents was also conducted. Interviews with 10 respondent and some key persons in the energy drink industry in Ghana was also conducted. Findings from the questionnaires, taste sampling and interviews, were analyzed with the qualitative data analysis. Findings from the research showed that 61% of the respondents were motivated, by the presence of endorsers in promotion and communication advertisements. The findings also showed that, advertising, with the television and radio mediums, were the most effective and efficient. Other promotion variables included sales promotion, sponsorships and personal selling. Keywords Promotion and Communication, Brand Awareness, Advertising


VAASAN AMMATTIKORKEAKOULU Kansainvälisen liiketoiminnan tutkinto (BBA, tradenomi) Tekijä Nimeke Mwaawaaru Laaru Sarah...
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