Product Analysis

Topics: Variable cost, Fixed cost, Total cost Pages: 12 (2627 words) Published: September 18, 2012
Dr. Yanga’s College Inc.
Wakas, Bocaue Bulacan
College of Accountancy


Jesika Mae M. Tendero
Christine Joy D.G. Custodio
Liza T. Salamat

I. Executive Summary

Buko Sarap is a food cart started by enterprising friends namely Christine, Liza and Jesika. It guarantees quality of a 100% natural juice. Buko Sarap discovered a system that extracts buko juice in a systematic way wherein the buko is extracted and chilled in a hygienic manner keeping its freshness and natural elements. Because of the countless benefits of buko, Buko Sarap will certainly address the needs of people who are health conscious. We solve the problem of answering to the demand of Buko Juice in a hygienically and modern way, which consist in chilling the juice soon after it was extracted without needing to add ice or cold water. Buko Sarap also introducing our freshly blended Buko Shake a new choice to those People who have a healthy life by offering 100% pure and natural buko meat, on the other hand the fact of extracting the juice in right moment it guarantees the quality of our products through a new technology that also allows the conquest and settlement of large sections in the market such as: shopping center, supermarkets, schools, metro stations and so on. Pioneering is the right word for this system which consists in extracting, chilling the buko juices hygienically and safely, keeping its natural properties. This system also favors a practical way of dealing with a product that was formerly available to consumers only in a marginal way. "ISANG BUKO KA LANG" that is BUKO SARAP!

II. Company Profile

The Buko Sarap aims at satisfying the tastes and needs of its consumers in the Filipino society. The efforts of the Buko Sarap are focused on bringing the most distinctive and innovative products to the market in Philippines. The main concern of the business is the health of its customers and thereby it strives to serve hygienic and healthy food along with taste and quality.

The motto of the Buko Sarap is “WHAT YOU SEES IS WHAT YOU DRINK”. The vision is to attain the number one position in providing quality food with international standards, taste and freshness. The Buko Sarap aims to be a leader in the area of ethics and values in the continuously growing food industry in the national and international markets.

III. Current Marketing Situation

Competitive Profile Matrix

Our main competitors in this segment are any food outlets within the 300 meter radius along the Mall. In our location, there are Fruitas, Zagu, Buko Express.

* Fruitas
In 2002, when Lester Yu put up Lush Corporation a company that serves fresh fruit juices and other healthy refreshments he knew he would someday go beyond servings drinks. Fruitas is locally owned franchise who sells Fresh fruits shakes. Fruitas had expanded its operation nationwide. * Zagu

Zagu introduces the “Pearl Drink” to the Philippine market. The drink’s uniqueness and the variety of flavors it offers broaden its appeal to the customers and keep them interested. Taste and flavor is the essential component, keeping customers coming back for more. * Buko Express

Buko Express is one of the significantly emerging food cart concepts in the market today. Buko Express starter as an offshoot of Sonia Buko and Native Kakanin Express chain of food carts that started in 2005 by an enterprising couple.

Porter’s Five Forces Model


Threat of New Entry
The threat of new entrants is HIGH because the product in prone on imitation. Also, nowadays, entrepreneurs are aiming for product innovation that mainly draws more customers. Competitive Rivalry
The rivalry among competing firms is LOW because competitors are inconsistent in identifying our strategy on how to keep the buko in its natural properties which we called pioneering. Also, our pricing is in consideration.

Buyer Power
The bargaining...
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