Manu Soccer

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  • Published: December 6, 2012
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University of the Virgin Islands School of Business
Take Home Final Examination Course: Semester: Examiner: MKT 334 Advertising and Promotion Strategy Fall 2012 Dr Gabriel Ogunmokun

INSTRUCTIONS (1) On or before 6th December 2012 (11:30pm) you must: (i) Email the paper to the following two email addresses:; (ii) Your email title must include the course and your full name. For example if your name is Mr David Johnson, you will write MKT334 Take Home Exam of Mr David Johnson. (iii) The cover page of your paper must include the course and your full name. For example if your name is Mr David Johnson, you will write MKT334 Take Home Exam of Mr David Johnson. (2) Read and answer the questions in Part A. In Part B answer 4 questions out of the five (5) questions. WARNING: Students are not allowed to copy one another’s work. If any paper is identical/near identical to another paper, the people with identical/near identical work will be heavily penalized. Late papers will not be marked. PART A (40 marks) (i) Use the case study method to analyze and solve the problem(s) in the case below. Your answers should cover problem identification, problem analysis, alternative solutions, recommendations and implementation. (ii) Answer the questions at the end of the case. Case Study - MANU Soccer Academy Tom Owen came to the United States from the UK in 1998 on a soccer scholarship. Tom grew up playing soccer on many competitive teams through high school and had a brief professional career in England, When St. Albans College recruited him to play soccer, he thought it would open his life to a grand adventure. That adventure changed his life. While at St. Albans, Owen met his future wife, Randy Simpson, who also played soccer there. She graduated a year ahead of him and went to Fort Collins, Colorado, where she played on the semiprofessional Fort Collins Force women’s soccer team. When Owen finished college, he followed Simpson to northern Colorado. Simpson was captain of the Force and worked for the sports marketing company that owned the team. Owen got a job at a local meat packing plant, but soccer was his passion. He made the practice squad for the Colorado Rapids Major League Soccer team, but

injuries cut his professional career short. Another passion for Owen became teaching soccer to kids. He has a natural talent for coaching. Owen is charismatic, kids enjoy his easy-going demeanor and British accent, and he really knows soccer and how to teach the game to youngsters. In2004, Owen founded the MANU Soccer Academy—a tribute to Manchester United, his favorite team from hack home. At first he trained small groups of young players aged 7 to 14. He grouped them by age, gender, and skill and conducted training sessions for small groups of five to seven at a local park. The first kids he attracted came by word of mouth as they quickly told friends and teammates about “this British guy who teaches soccer and makes it fun.” His small after-school camps quickly grew to include more than 50 kids. Word continued to get around, and by the following summer Owen conducted 10 different camps—and quit his job at the meat packing plant. He also trained 11 different MANU 3v3 soccer teams that competed in tournaments across the state and nation during the summer. All of his players had bright blue jerseys with the MANU name across the front, and the success of these teams made the jerseys a great promotion vehicle. In 2006, four of his teams competed in the national 3v3 soccer tournament, with one winning a national championship. To keep up with the rapid growth, Owen brought a few friends over from England to assist with training. Jakub Kuszcak moved to the United States to become Owen’s assistant director of coaching. Owen and Kuszczak planned to work year-round as trainers and hire a couple of local coaches to help them conduct training sessions. During the summer he added a couple of local...
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