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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Procter and Gamble has over 250 brands on the market today. For more

There are several P&G products found in my home. The products that are most relevant to me in my home are MACH3, Dreft Laundry, Bounty, Swifter and Pampers. Of the five brands that I possess in my home the segmentation characteristics vary. User status is segmentation characteristic that include potential user facing life stage changes such as newlywed’s and new parents. Both Dreft laundry and Pampers are great products that I’ve been using since the birth of my daughter, a life-stage change. The other remaining products are MACH3, Bounty and Swifter. Swifter is a brand that came I came to purchase because of sure convenience. The segmentation characteristic that I possess from this product is benefit segmentation. The last to product MACH3 and bounty are products that I’m very loyal to. These are product that I’ve been using for many years. The segmentation characteristics that I possess in purchasing these brands are loyalty status. P&G has positioned each of the five brands listed above very differently. The first brand Bounty for a long time been known as “the quicker picker-upper”, a brand that offers both strength and absorbency. Bounty has currently adopted a new” bring it” attitude. This new attitude enables moms to embrace life free of messes, and in turn allowing kids to be more creative. Pampers brand position is that

For each of the five P&G products, what is the brand's positioning? The video gives a good example of how Pampers is now positioned for your reference. How does the P&G brand translate that positioning of each of the five products into its advertisements and packaging?
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