Proctor and Gamble

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  • Published : August 9, 2005
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Proctor and Gamble

This paper will describe the four elements of the marketing mix (product, place, price, promotion). In addition, it will describe how each element is implemented within a specific organization and how the four elements relate to that organizations marketing strategy. The company used in this example is both a product and service driven company and is in business for profit.

The company chosen to demonstrate the marketing mix has been a leader in the industry for many years as well as an innovator in product advertising design. Starting out as a soap and candle manufacturer, more than earned their place in the market place. The company is Proctor and Gamble (P&R) and their earliest beginnings are rooted in strong family tradition and humility from the early 1800s. The Proctor and Gamble of today is far different than the founding company operating in a global marketplace, in 140 countries, distributing their products and services to consumers two billion times a day.

With such meager beginnings and at the time of inception, their product was needless to say, unpopular. Soap in the early part of the nineteenth century was not on the priority list for consumers to spend their monies on. P&G depended heavily on their candle making but as the light bulb became more popular they quickly realized that candles had become a thing of the past and quickly turned their attentions to the soap business. With a few governmental contracts and some investors, they began to invest in chemically enhancements to their mainstay product, soap. Approximately 1879, James N. Gamble, son of the founder was a trained chemist and with his abilities he had developed an inexpensive pure white, floating soap named ivory.

Proctor and Gamble had product exclusitivity and owned the market but they still had to sell it to make money. P&G implemented the four P's of marketing in 1882. they had developed a product that was...
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