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  • Published : May 24, 2013
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This balanced scorecard below aims to evaluate Cold Storage overall strategies and the execution of the strategies using four key perspectives.

| Strategic Objectives| Strategic Control|
Financial| To reflect the administration and general costvariableMinimise operating expensesTo increase overall growth in Asia market by10%Maintain 30% of market share in Malaysiaand China by 2015Rapid expansion of Carrefour Express inChina, Taiwan & Malaysia of 25% by 2017| Income statementCash flow statementNet margin statementVenture into Vietnam marketFocus on bigger markets offeringin Asia: China, Malaysia,Indonesia, Taiwan etc.| Customer| Keep up to date on customer needs so toserve them betterImproving its branding image in consumers’mindsProviding high quality of customer service| Customer surveysInternal and external marketinganalysisMystery shopper ratingLoyalty programs| Internal businessperspective| To become the market leader in thehypermarket industryTo ensure dealer and distributor profitabilityMaintain good terms with suppliers toincrease valueExtensive expansion into other countries inAsiaImprove workplace and safety environmentfor the employeeReduce inbound/outbound logistics costingReduce operational costs| Direct and indirect market surveyMarket response and industryanalysis reportProfitability and yield indexDealer or distributors acceptancerate of new programsStaff turnover rateAnnual sales reportIncome statements: Revenue andsales volumes| Innovation andlearning| Gain competitive advantages overcompetitorsFocus on training & development and worktowards customer oriented organisationEmploy and retain high efficiency employeesCreates a positive working environment| Market response and industrydemand analysisPeriodic employee surveyInternal auditing and feedbackreport|


The report has covered the long term...
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