Manufacturing Information System

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  • Published : April 11, 2011
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Recent years have witnessed an increase in the use of information technology in manufacturing, so much so that it has rapidly permeated the organization at every level. Consequently, there is a growing need for those related to or interested in manufacturing to understand the nature of this technology and the way it can best be used to increase competitive advantage that is profit. Information technology, responsible for data collection, processing, storage, retrieval and distribution has made significant strides in the last decade or so. Unfortunately, manufacturing environments have not kept up with the pace of information technology and have failed to utilize this powerful technology to its fullest extent. Manufacturing environments are plagued with a piece-meal approach to problems that need broad and long-range solutions. What is lacking is a broad, comprehensive and focused approach to integrate information systems within the manufacturing environment. We propose ManIS (Manufacturing Information Systems), a model that provides a strategic framework for planning, designing and integrating information systems in a manufacturing environment Computer based control systems can be combined with manufacturing technology, such as robots, machine tools, automated guided vehicles, to improve manufacturing operations. In this role, the computer can assist integrating these technologies into a lean and efficient factory capable of competing in world markets. WHAT IS MANUFACTURING INFORMATION SYSTEM(ManIS)

Manufacturing information systems are now possible with the integrated computer technology. The main areas of application are (1) computer-aided design, (2) computer-aided manufacture, and (3) computer-aided production planning and control. A computer-based system that works in conjunction with other functional information systems to support the firm's management in solving problems that relate to manufacturing the firm's products. * The...
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