Application Architecture and Process Design: -

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  • Published: July 16, 2010
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Application architecture and Process Design:-

Applications are designed according using a system development life cycle, which passes through several phases including requirements gathering, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance. We describe the application design process by designing an information system for Riordan Manufacturing, Inc., an industry in the field of plastic injection moulding. The first step of design is to identify the processes and the entities. Processes represent the operations performed by the system. Entities represent all the information sources of the system. We represent the entities and the processes in the data flow diagrams, DFD. While designing the DFD’s we increase the level of detail with each level. At each level the process divides into sub-processes until indivisible sub-processes are reached. Here is an example.

Data Flow Diagram 0:

Here we represent the information system at Riordon Manufacturing Inc. The information system comprises of :

– Employees
– Clients
– Manager


Employees are the people working for Riordan Inc. Their job is to make innovative plastic designs of international acclaim, help in the production of the finished plastic products from these designs,etc. They include the Chemical Engineers, Labour, etc.


The Clients or the customers are the people who give orders to purchase the finished products developed in the industry.


Manager is also an employee at Riordan Inc. but his job is more important as he has to manage the whole Information System. He has to look into the Sales and the Accounting and also talk with the Clients. He also listens to the problems of the employees and the complaints from the Clients and takes the corrective measures.


Visitors are the group of people who visit the industry's website to gather information about the company and its products but are not interested in placing the orders right now....
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