Manufactured Pop Music

Topics: Soul music, Berry Gordy, Rock music Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: May 23, 2012
Manufactured pop is precieved as an unfair advantage towrds other artists. Spending money on plastic surgury, stylists and having that "current sound". Often artists volintarily try to reinvent themselves to keep up with the current music climate. Perhaps they are tryin to hide away from the unattractive and embarrassing personality that would jeprodise their hit single. Manufacturing pop artists is thought to be a 21st century trade. However, we can trace certain manufactured stars back as far as the the late 1950's. Motown, the famous funk and soul label, founded by Berry Gordy Jr. was one such label that completely manufactured their artists to keep them in tune with the current music climate. Gordy set up compulsary classes that his artists and session musicians had to attend called "Artists Development", an easy but effective way of saying "reconstruction of ones self". African American music was barly making it onto the White man's scene, therefore he thought his artists and session musicians need to be polished up a small bit as he described them as "ambassadors for other African American artists seeking broad market acceptance". A nobel cause for his talented musicians. The manufaturing doesn't just run other the artists themselves. The actual music itslef is severely manufactured. Most of what we hear on the radio today is manufactured. Recording devices such as auditune have been developed to keep the not so pithch perfect stars in tune. Un-natural and manufactured voices mixed with loud up-tempo beat with a dash a synth equals a hit tune these days! Is it an unfair advantage? Perhaps, but we seem to forget these artists still hold genuine talents. We're merely dusting off the boring persona and adding a completely new "hip" style to this singer. Singers like Rebecca Black with her infamous over night sensation song "It's Friday" took a bit of a wrong turn in the manufacturing area. But at what price did she agree to release this "hit tune"? Millions...
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