Before the Music Dies

Topics: Emotion, Music, Singing Pages: 2 (794 words) Published: November 1, 2010
“Before the Music Dies”
A simple topic that everyone seems to wonder over is Music. What is Music? Some say that Music is a concept that consists of notes, tempo, flats and sharps. Others say that Music is a melody that we either can play using an instrument or sing using our voice. Even though those concepts are true, but what about reason behind the melody or music notes. What are the emotions that one feels when one is listening to the type of Music he/she enjoys? What are the emotions behind the song that the artist sings? In this documentary that I watched called “Before the Music Dies” it talks about how two friends Andrew Shapter and Joel Rasmussen are on a quest to find out the real reason that involve Music from being about real life issue to superficial images. The reason for record labels choosing good looks over outstanding talent. “The greatest Music comes from an emotional identification with those that do not have.”- Musician Brandford Marsalis. In this quote Marsalis is stating that Music is supposed to be familiar to people in the same emotional situation. Singing about being broken when you have money does not benefit your audience. The audience want to hear artists that are in the same situation that there in. When artists from the late 1900s wrote their music, they included more about the experience and emotional background that their image or current surroundings. Emotions that was sincere instead of being counterfeit. In order to sing about a love, that person would have been in or currently in love. “The fact that we ignore the very thing that made the song, which is heart, the feeling we are missing so much today” – Musician Les Paul. Shapter and Rasmussen also held interviews with different Music artists, Musicians and Radio Personality about the Music industry is now all about image over quality. The pureness of a song that comes from a songwriter is with an experience. Every word has a meaning and every meaning has an experience and...
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