Managing Strategy

Topics: Bank, Vice president, Commercial bank Pages: 14 (3174 words) Published: December 9, 2012
The Lecturer
Dewan Niamul Karim
BRAC Business School
BRAC University

Subject: Letter of Transmittal

Dear Sir,

With due respect and honor we the students of yours would like to formally submit our final report on organization structure of Mutual trust bank. In this report we tried our best to accumulate information from Mutual trust bank within this limited time period. Here we include all necessary information such as job specialization process, organogram, departmentalization process, delegation system, reporting relationship with their employees, is this bank departmentalized or centralized and etc.

We therefore hope that you would be kind enough to assess our case and recommend any necessary corrections. If you have any kind of questions about this report please don’t hesitate to contact with any of our group members.

Sincerely Yours
Group Members
Section 1.


• First of all we are graceful to almighty Allah for giving us the power to finish our term paper with a well established way and at a perfect or schedule time period. To make a report it’ need a lot of information, effort, link, members’ coordination and so on. The main purpose of this report is MTBL organization structure and designing process design. To make this report all the thanks goes to MTBL’s SR.Executive vice president DR.Asaduz Zaman because he help us a lot about giving information of Mutual Trust Bank LTD and also give us a knowledge how to make a concise report where should have detail information and presentation of the report should be nice. He gave us long patient hearing and sitting, practical orientation and answering our numerous quarries nicely.

• We are also thanks to our reverend teacher Dewan Niamul Karim, lecturer, BBS department, BRAC University. He was so familiar with us about how to collect data, he explain us how should be the acknowledgement and bibliography and their necessity. Moreover he help us how to be overcome from the obstacles of this report.

• We are also grateful to Mr. A.K.M. Shameem is Head of ID, Treasury, IT and Card Division. He provides us the information of Bank’s several consumer products and how consumers can be benefited from those products. E also gave us the knowledge about MTBL MIS department and IT department, what is the main activity employees’ work on that department. What kid of technology TBL actually used.

Finally we would like to give thanks to our well wishers.


1. The Prefatory Parts:Page
a. Title Fly…...01
b. Title Page…...02
c. Letter of Transmittal…...03
d. Acknowledgement …...04
e. Table of Contents and List of Illustrations…...05 f. Executive Summary…...06

2. Introduction:
a. Report background …...08
b. Methodology…...08
c. Limitation …...09 d. Source of collection of Data …...09

3. The Body of the Report:
a. The Company Overview…...10
b. Basic Elements of Organizing…...12
- Job Design…...12
- Grouping the Jobs: Departmentalization…...13 - Establishing Reporting Relationship…...14 - Distributing Authority…...15
- Coordination…...17
- Differentiating Between Positions…...18 - Line Positions
- Staff Positions

c. Organization Design…...19
d. Recommendations…...20
e. Conclusion…...21


It is the primary project on organization structure of Mutual Trust Bank. The main...
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