Commonwealth Bank

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Commonwealth Bank
This paper will show the situational analysis of commonwealth bank, it also analysed the organisational structure and its strategies. Because every business needs to take some action that will help them keep a good position in the market, but before taken any action they have to do some research the find to cause of problem in order to identify the resolution. The results and useful information during this analysis will help the organisation to choose suitable strategies, develop that management strategies and improving the service operation, which is going to help them achieve their objectives. At the beginning it will be presented brief history of commonwealth bank and following by their operational service, problems and challenges, current situation in the business, strategies analysis and management structures and organisation structures. Almost the end of this paper it has provided the recommendation based on how commonwealth bank could done better or improved their business such as what they should keep doing and what they have to change or adjust. However, if you still want to double-check your understanding you can read more in the conclusion part, which provides at the end of this report. History

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) is Australia's largest retail bank and one of the 'Big Four' bank. It was established in the early 19th century as a private corporation and a partnership. It also operates in New Zealand and Asia country such as Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) supports sector with their following industries such as banking, financial and investment service. The purpose is to promote the settlement and development of the local areas and savings. Its core business is to provide retail and institutional banking business. There is also a fund manager and a major share of the market in general and life insurance (About us, 2008). Labor government, Andrew Fisher, decided to establish a state bank for the newly formed nation. The State Bank was established in the 19th century as the Commonwealth Bank, most recently, the State Bank of Victoria (1990) and the merger colony in 2000, his successor bank in the country to save the Bank of NSW. It provides a wide range of financial services including retail, business and institutional banking, funds management, superannuation, insurance, investment and brokerage services (Commonwealth bank, 2008).

Commonwealth Bank is the largest financial services distribution network in the country with the most points of access to customers. More than 51,000 people in Australia are working for Commonwealth Bank, most of them are women and they also provide a range of flexible work options for supporting their employees such as career breaks, carer’s leave, study leave and parental leave. It has over 1,100 branches nationally, over 3,700 Australia Post agencies and over 4,200 ATMs nationally. Commonwealth Bank supports more than 249,000 terminals throughout Australia and more than 10 centers that handle more than 120 million calls per year. They offer personal banking services with more than 3700 Australia Post agency banking transactions and services for business customers in more than 570 agencies nationwide Australia Post. Customers can use their card more than 25 million locations around the world, with over 4.3 million customers and more than 67 million active NetBank signed a month (About us, 2008). Commonwealth bank’s problem and challenges

The main competitors of commonwealth back are Westpac, ANZ and NAP, which they try to complete against each other. In 2007, commonwealth back has lose their existing customers because the competitor such Westpac has change their product structure by provide more variety of banking services, online banking and the increasing of the ATM boxes. So in 2008, commonwealth has changed their product structure as well by improving their operational system,...
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