Strategy and Implementation

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Strategy and Implementation
The main operation of Hayai is drive-thru services. Customers will purchase goods without having to leave their vehicle. The store will be operating 24 hours per day all-year-long. Employees will be working with shifts. Number of working employees on normal work hours will be eight; four to five employees will work on night shifts. Hayai will accommodate two types of transactions:

1.Drive-Thru Counter Purchase -Customers will drive through the drive-thru lane and make theirorder on the ordering machine located by the side of the lane. The order machine will then direct them to the respective counters for the paying and collecting of the products.

2.Online Purchase -Customers will choose and select their desired products on the Hayai website beforehand. The payment of the product will then be made online and the system will provide the customers their QR (Quick Response) code for that particular transaction. Customers can then drive through the express counter, scan their QR codes on the QR code scanning machine, and collect their goods at the next counter.

Operation flow (Refer to appendix (1st floor.png))
When customers arrive at the store, they will have to drive through either the Drive-Thru Purchase lane or the Online Purchase lane. Customers who choose the Drive-Thru Purchase lane will proceed straight towards the ordering machine to order, and further move on to the counters 1 till 4. Customers ahead of the line will be directed to counter 1 and the second customer to counter 2 and so on so forth. While customers paying in counter 1 and 2 will have to make a turning to reach the counters, customers for counter 3 and 4 can proceed straight to leave the store. Customers who have already made an online purchase will turn left right after entering the drive-thru lane to reach the express counter. A QR code scanning machine is positioned right before the express...
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