Use of Strategy in an Organisation

Topics: Project management, Strategic management, Strategic planning Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: January 1, 2013
Hector Gaming Company – Analysis & Plan.

The Problem
Strategy is fundamentally deciding how the organisation will compete. The executives at Hector Gaming Company (HGC) are in consensus as to where the firm is going in the medium to long term, however there is little consensus as to how to accomplish the strategic goals. The management of HGC have not agreed the finer detail that will allow the strategy to be implemented. The organisation has a vision to grow the firm "to be the largest & best educational gaming company in the world", but have not agreed what activities need to be undertaken to achieve that vision. The Cause of the problem

Today's economic climate is unprecedented by rapid changes in technology, competition & financial uncertainty. Aligning projects with the strategic goals of an organisation is key to success, therefore there needs to be strong linkage between projects and strategy. The challenge facing HCG is a challenge faced by all companies as they become larger and more diverse, how to maintain strong links between projects and strategy. It appears from the issues at HCG that they do not have a process in place that aligns projects with the strategic plan for the organisation.

Symptoms of the problem
Frequency of conflicts between HCG employees are rising.
Some individuals are always requested for new projects.
When resource conflicts occur, each project manager feels that their project is more worthy of the resources. More projects are missing timelines and coming in over budget. Some top talent working or products which do not align with the company’s product portfolio.

The cause of the problem
Management needs to understand how the different projects being worked on impact on strategy for two main reasons, 1) so that they can make decisions that align with the agreed strategy, e.g. If the organisations strategy is to get their product to market first, then the project manager in the case of an unforeseen delay...
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