Managing Self and Personal Skills

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MODULE TITLE: Managing self and personal skills

Describe the competencies required by you as a manager.

Analyse your own strengths and weakness against these competencies.

Devise a personal development plan to ensure our own effectiveness in a managerial role and with reference to given course material and /or independently researched sources.


In business, management simply means the skill of getting people together in order to fulfil the expected goals. Management is the process of planning, organising, staffing, directing, motivating and controlling an organisation. The main responsibility of the manager is to achieve a good result by involving all the resources surrounding.

Personal development planning provide a framework that make individuals identifies the areas of strength and weaknesses and come up with a quick that will optimize and capitalise all their existing skill and capabilities. It is the drop of development from a single person which will spread to many areas with the help of different media and communications. It is the combination of procurement and new skills and knowledge depending upon goal. The main theme or objective of PDP is assessment or asset including our knowledge, skills, capabilities and other qualification. It gives the concept of road map in terms of career when we will know which part of area we would like to develop and taken steps to move forward . It helps to find out what will be the right decision at right time and by the right person and helps to find out the image of future. Managers should have several competencies and skills in order to be effective. It is important for the manager to have these skills to achieve their goals and meet organisational targets.

The main purpose of this report is to look for the skills and competencies required by the managers. The first part of the report describes the skills required by the managers for achieving organisational goals and for effectiveness and successfulness of the managers. In the second part self-appraisal is conducted by doing SWOT analysis in order to determine the strengths and weaknesses needed to meet the required skills, opportunities and threats that I may face while running day to day business.

Competencies required by managers:

The main skills that the managers should have in order to lead the employees are as follows:

Honest, integrated and trustworthy.

They should have respect for all employees at all levels.

Commitment for the growth and development of the organisation.

Prominent, persistent and pessimistic; who doesn’t think situations cannot be improved.

They should not let unethical behaviour go unchallenged.

They should be friendly, understanding and helpful.

They should do feedbacks and questionnaire from other employees so that they can make improvements if needed at regular basis (

However, this type of analysis is not too helpful for understanding the skills and knowledge that needs to be integrated into development initiatives ( The empiricist such as Rosemary Stewart (1967) and Henry Mintzberg (1973) think that management is the process involving decision making, problem solving, intuitive and judgemental activities. According to Rosabeth Moss Kanter (1984), managers also have to be specialists in ambiguity, with the ability to cope with conflicting and unclear requirements (How to be an even better manager: a complete A-Z of proven techniques; Michael Armstrong).

Apart from those basic skills, managers should also require other competencies such as:

Leadership Quality

Good Communication

IT skills

Innovation and creativity

Problem solving

Leadership Quality:

This quality is very...
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