Managing People and Project Leadership

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Managing People and Project Leadership

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Managing People in Projects

Contents Pages

How to use this workbook 4-6

Introduction 7-9

Unit 1 - The role of the Project Manager 10-28

Unit 2 - Power and Decision Making 29-45

Unit 3 - Organisational Structure 46-68

Unit 4 - Organisational Culture 69-91

Unit 5 – Motivation 91-122

Unit 6 - Leading the team 123-143

Unit 7 - Teams and team work 144-172

Unit 8 - Communication in Project Management 173-191

Unit 9 – Conflict 192-217

Unit 10 - Managing Change 218-235

Assessment 236-246

References 247-248

How to use this workbook

This workbook is designed to provide you with the course materials necessary to complete Managing People in Projects by distance learning. At various stages throughout the module you will encounter icons which indicate what you are required to do to help you learn.

The Activity icon refers to an activity where you are required to undertake a specific task(s). These could include reading, questioning, writing, research, evaluation etc.


The Activity feedback icon is used to provide you with the information required to confirm or reinforce the learning outcomes of the activity.


It is important that you utilise these icons as together they will provide you with the underpinning knowledge required to understand the concepts and theories and to apply them. Try to use your own background knowledge when completing the activities and draw the best ideas and solutions from your experience. If possible discuss your ideas with other students or your colleagues; this will make learning much more stimulating. Remember, if in doubt, or if you need answers to any questions about this workbook or how to study, ask your tutor.

Additional Reading

At the end of each unit, you may encounter references to further reading and research. These have been included to enable you to undertake further study to consolidate and expand your learning and this is to be encouraged.

In addition you have also been assigned the following key text books;

• Huczynski, A and Buchanan, D (2007), Organisational Behaviour: An Introductory Text (6th edn), Financial Times/ Prentice Hall ISBN027370835X

• Kerzner, H. (2007) Project Management: A systems approach to Planning, Scheduling and Controlling (10th edn). John Wiley and Sons ISBN 0-470-278705-X

However, in certain parts of the world these books may be available in a different guise. Most of the topics raised are generic, so the terms used may be found in other text books,...
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