Managing High Performing Teams

Topics: Leadership, Management, Emotional intelligence Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Managing High Performance Teams
When thinking of a high performance team, I’m often reminded about the New England Patriots super bowl-run of 2001. Their roster was not full of super-stars and their payroll was and still is, relatively low, but every player, seemingly, motivates each other to perform at their highest level. This type of “can do” attitude comes from the top in an owner that knows every player’s name and shows he cares about their well-being and a coach who leads by example, and gives each player the proper tools to be successful on and off the field. In the business world, leading a high performance team is no different. Teams are made of people who want to know that their leaders, “get them,” work just as hard as they do, motivate them through their energy and initiative. (Kanter 2009) In challenging times, leaders are tasked daily to use limited resources and drive success in even the despite adversity. Executives look to hire managers with diverse leadership styles, imagination, initiative, and confidence. Leaders with these characteristics create high performing teams, by utilizing their emotional intelligence to inspire and encourage optimal performance and creating a structure that fosters an environment for all members to be successful. (Dubrin 2009) In any organization, high performance teams share one critical similarity; a dynamic, engaging, motivating leader. (Gittman, 2008) In tough economies, managers with an energetic, positive attitude, find a way to still reach goals. Team members take their cues from their leader and can collectively create a way to work smarter and more efficiently to reach their goals and maintain focus. Leaders of high performing teams are also extremely disciplined. Their “get it done” attitude allows them to provide clear goals, create a business plan that drives results, coach individuals, and offer guidance to everyday challenges. Managers of high performing teams also have high emotional intelligence....
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