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‘The Big Day’
Wedding Planners

Who we are?

We are a team of dynamic young leaders with the ability to fulfil the requirements of the assigned roles using creative interactions and inputs. The individuals of the team can raise up to the demands of the real life situations with critical evaluation and required changes. The experience from various fields and business environments ensures the versatility of the team at the same time the ability to follow the objectives in the defined structure brings the professionalism into the team. We the team are ready to face a challenge with the strength of the experience and ability to adapt to the changing business environment due to external and internal factors

The vision:
“Our mission is to generate your ideas into our creations and deliver it to you in a unique and organized way. It also includes low budget and un-stressful planning any time, anywhere”

The Idea

“Big Day” is a wedding planning and event management service with a unique structure. The service absorbs the pressure and stress of planning and execution completely from the customers in such a way that they can enjoy their special day without a single point of worry.

‘WE’ have a good plan:

We believe in customer satisfaction from the time of first contact till the termination of the contract. We ensure to have the best wedding standards and event planning to a celebrity status. We know what is needed and will execute it according to the current style and culture. We focus on those weddings/events, which are requiring specific requirements. We do all kinds of weddings, which include all religion & culture where all customs rituals are needed. We have professionals to perform such weddings. We are happy to do same-sex, white, military, double, mass or even civil weddings. We do not charge any extra for specific weddings; all weddings are equally prioritised within our planning mechanism.

U.K. market in wedding planning:

The below stats shows the basic culture and phenomenon of English weddings.

* The average overall cost of getting married is £22,858 (up from £21,901 in 2008) * Couples in London and the South East spend on average £23,932 * Couples in Wales and the South West spend on average – £18,991 * 53% of couples pay for most of the wedding costs

* The average length of an engagement remains 18 months
* The average engagement ring costs £2,090 (a 6.1% increase from 2007) * 61% of brides choose their own engagement ring
* 45% of couples chose a religious ceremony
* Brides in East Anglia spend most on flowers, at £750, spending 44% more than the UK average spend of £520. * Brides paid an average of £1,200 for their dress.
* The average age to get married for a bride is 29 and that of a groom is 31

These factors suggests that wedding is a long planned event for the majority, the amount of money spend is huge and every bride and groom want their wedding to be a memorable event. They take years to save the money for the special day and a lot of sentiments are attached with the event. The research also suggests that the preferences are far different in regions in the case of dress, food and decorations. The ceremonies are also different. Wedding planning is a challenging affair due to the diverse preferences. But people will be happy to take the service of a planner if they can provide the unique requirement of the couple in a professional way. They will be more than happy to spend their hard earned money through a experienced team who can execute their dream plan and manage any crisis as and when it arrives.

The Idea is significantly interesting because of the professional structure and the ability to convert the dreams of individuals into reality through a systematic process with high flexibility and uncompromised quality. The amount of time it can save for the couple is equally important. The clients are getting more options to pick...
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