Creating and Managing Effective Teams

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  • Published : February 28, 2011
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Creating and Managing Effective Teams

Managing a team of people can be tricky, but it can be even harder when those people come from different areas in the workplace. Not knowing a fellow team member can put a strain on the ability to work together, but with the proper training, and management skills, any team can accomplish the goals set for them. For this exercise I was asked to select a team of people to search for innovative ideas that would put the automaker on the leading edge . I selected Petra Diodorus as the Assessor- Advisor, Amrita Choudhury as the Creator, Marcell Collins as the Controller-Organizer, John Marsh as the Promoter- Maintainer, and Maria de Grassa as the Linker- Producer. I chose Petra as the Assessor-Advisor for her good communication skills and her ability to relay complex information in an understandable manner. I feel that she would be good for this position because she would be able to communicate information between the management, and the teams. I put Amrita in the position of creator, hoping to obtain some of the creativity she used working for Ferrari, creating the best sellers that she is hailed for. I chose Marcell for his position because of his management skills, and his ability to keep the team focused and heading in the right direction. I used John in the position of Promoter-Maintainer because I thought his product development management skills would help keep the team grounded. Maria was chose for the Linker-Producer because of her experience in the auto industries, and as the companies HR department head. The selection I made was not the ideal selection according to Sarah. She thought that John would have been better positioned at the Assessor-Advisor position, she had Janice in the Promoter-Maintainer position, and Petra in the Linker-Producer position. Even though my decision was not exactly aligned with hers, I think my decision is a good one, and will also be a good decision for the company. The factors I...
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