Managing Corporate Life, Student Life and Personal Life at the Same Time

Topics: Full-time, Part-time, Student Pages: 10 (2427 words) Published: April 22, 2011
Managing Corporate Life, Student Life and
Personal Life at the Same Time

Kazi Abdullah Yeasir

English 105, Section 1
Mr. Abdus Salim
December 19, 2010

There was a story of a little boy who used to hold hand of his father when crossing the streets, gossip for a long time, even the whole day along. He used to play with his father, go for fishing and most importantly he felt much secured being around his father. But he couldn’t spent his life with his father not for a long time. One fine morning he rose up, and found out that his father was no more in this world. It was like a thunder storm striking at the top of his little fairytale world. He did not only loose his father, but also he lost his mother, his brother, in simpler unfortunate words, he lost his whole world. Since he was a very mature kid, he soon realized that, he needs to get out of his depressive illness and need to focus on things that are going to matter in future. To earn his living he started to look for jobs here and there. He realized that, without his friends he didn’t have any other known people. He got a job in a small consultancy firm. He was very charming, friendly and very social. His extra skills supported him to impress the boss. But he wasn’t a kind of a lad who would do anything not to put his job in jeopardize, which in other words lead toward the fact that, he had to maintain good relations with his friends as well. Very soon, when he thought he saved enough money, he applied in a near by collage to re-start his academic path. He got selected. His work, his class and his friends are all the things he has in his life. No matter, under how much pressure he was in, he never let others feel any problems wining about his problems. In fact, he maintained his academic career, job life, and his personal life so nicely, that sometimes his friends couldn’t hold the appreciation. From this story it is easily seen that, in life people fall into many situations from which they need to re-start their lives. But to maintain a good and balanced lifestyle the management of time is necessary. Here we are focusing on student employees who are doing the most difficult things by managing their corporate life, student life and also their personal life. Background

To maintain the normal thoroughness of life one student must need to focus on their own studies along with a little extra with their ambition in life. For doing my research I have selected this topic because most of the students of North South University are going for part-time jobs, but most of them do not even have the idea of the hard activities they might have to face. I have interviewed several students working on several multinational companies like; Grameenphone, Robi, Banglalion, Qubee etc. I have also talked with some career councilors from and also the career councilor of North South University.

Some organizations in Bangladesh facilitates student to have part-time jobs. They provide the flexibility of doing their studies and also the flexibility of money that they can earn while being a student. Some of them are well renowned multinational like Grameenphone Limited, Banglalion, Citycell, Axiata Telecom Bangladesh Ltd. etc.

Even though it is very tough and nearly impossible, some students of NSU have proven that they can manage their life being an official, a student and also a complete human being. I have decided my null hypothesis that NSU students can manage their time for all their activities. On the other hand, NSU students cannot maintain the work pressure for a long time and they quit from their job and other extra activities to give more concentration into studies; this is my alternative hypothesis.


In order to study my targeted areas I have used both primary and secondary resources. ➢ Primary Sources:
To complete my research paper I tried to gain most of my information through...
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